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If you are looking for a VPN with excellent customer support and one-click service then go for PandaPow VPN. It is a simple and fast service that allows you to browse anonymously and view blocked content/ websites from anywhere. It enables you to browse the internet freely without compromising on security. Let’s take a look at the features of PandaPow VPN.

PandaPow VPN is a Hong Kong based venture that was initiated in 2011. The server network is spread across eight countries. Every time you log in, the servers show you as a user from within the USA. This allows you to bypass any firewalls or browsing restrictions imposed by your local government. PandaPow uses the latest methods of data encryption to secure your online activity.


The good news is that there is no need for configuration settings. With PandaPow you are one click away from secure and anonymous browsing. Since PandaPow is a relatively new service provider, it shows higher compatibility with the latest operating systems. PandaPow is compatible with Windows (XP and later versions), Mac iOS (10.5 and above) and Android (1.6 and above). It is also compatible with iPad and iPhone.

One would come across difference in service quality at different locations. This is only logical if you take into account the server location. The customers residing in the vicinity of a server enjoy access to better speed and support service.


PandaPow, like most other VPN providers, offers monthly, tri-monthly and yearly subscription. The prices are higher compared to others VPN providers in the market. You can get a monthly subscription for $9. Three month subscription costs $24 and the yearly subscription costs $84.


The payment processing is done by PayPal. Once you opt for a package, your account will be charged automatically at every renewal date.


When you are in the business of providing a service, you have to keep on improving every now and then. PandaPow in addition to improving keeps a track record of all the versions released till date. The listing of the latest versions in a chronological order is something that customers value. Plus it not only lists the new versions but also states the enhanced features and added benefits in simple terms. This makes it fairly easy for the customer to make a choice.

Privacy Policy

You would be required to provide many personal details for your PandaPow account. This is done for validation purposes. Credit card details and email/ VoIP content are not stored by the company. Out of all the information you provide and that which you generate, the only one that is kept is your log history. PandaPow holds information about login time, duration and IP address for the purpose of providing a better user experience.

Usage terms

You can benefit from the service as long as you are not involved in illegal behavior, i.e. sharing of copyright material, spreading spam or harmful material. In the event of violation, you may face penalties or your account may be deactivated/blocked altogether.

Customer’s liability

If you want to save yourself from heavy penalties due to misuse of the VPN, keep your account details to yourself. PandaPow holds the account holder responsible for any violation of the terms and conditions of use. If your account is hacked and you fail to inform the company, you will bear the costs due to any harm done. This includes the costs incurred by PandaPow to fix the harm.

Money back guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back. PandaPow allows a window of one week (7 days) to avail the money back guarantee.

Customer support

Customer support is a key determinant of the overall service quality. One thing that you’ll find in all the reviews about PandaPow is its reliable customer support. Queries are answered quickly and effectively. In this regard, you would have an added advantage if you live in the countries where the servers are located.

Separate setup guides are available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad on the website. For troubleshooting technical problems, you can email at [email protected] and for general queries about service and charges email at [email protected]

Final word

If we list the upside and downside of having a PandaPow VPN, then a possible downside of PandaPow VPN is the comparatively high price tag. One can easily find VPN providers with significantly lower charges.

Then again, it is not only about money. The quality of a VPN is determined by security and reliability, not just price. No gain in having a cheaper VPN if your online activity is insecure. In terms of security and reliability, I would rate PandaPow above average. Your data is encrypted as it is transmitted over the network, so no worries about data security. As for reliability, PandaPow has an efficient and responsive support department.

PandaPow MAC Installer

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2 thoughts on “PandaPow Review

  1. In my opinion, the only part good about this VPN is that it is easy to pay for it. Other than this, video depends on your luck but usually bad for me. A lot more expensive comparing with other VPN and gets disconnects a lot(by “a lot” I mean that sometimes it even does NOT connect). I would say try some others before try this VPN.

  2. Pros:
    1. Customer Service is good
    2. Easy to use
    Cons :
    1. Not that good in china
    2. Video streaming is poor, poor, poor.
    3. Expensive than its counter part.
    4. Not worth for the Money
    5. Get frustrated when using it since get disconnects frequent
    and in my personal opinion use Astrill if you are in china.

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