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OverPlay VPN Review

OverPlay VPN ( is one of the most popular VPN service providers, offering good quality VPN services in a competitively priced package without confusing its customers.

OverPlay VPN is used by people worldwide to access sites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more including, the BBC iPlayer.

There are currently two packages on offer, with the Full VPN package offering unlimited access, and every feature that OverPlay VPN provides as part of anonymous web browsing is included in the subscription.

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing OverPlay VPN services is the ability to access and indulge in P2P traffic.

Using & Configuring OverPlay VPN on Your Computer

The most effective and best possible access port for anonymous web browsing is by manually setting up OverPlay VPN parameters into the LAN settings. This is usually the preferred choice among experienced and professional web users who wish to surf the Internet through virtual private networks.

OverPlay VPN Server list

VPN server list

On the other hand, OverPlay VPN offers a software download option, which can be downloaded after signing up to their service. This software can then be used to install, and change the LAN settings as required. The entire process is automated. The software will be responsible for rerouting transfer data through bypassing the firewalls and accessing servers located in different parts of the world.

OverPlay VPN supports different security protocols, varying from PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Open VPN. OverPlay software can be installed on almost all operating systems and mobile devices. The list of operating systems includes Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, while the range of mobile devices vary from iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Price of OverPlay VPN Subscription & Features

OverPlay VPN is an industry buster in terms of offering two attractively priced packages. The Smart DNS package that costs $4.95 is specifically aimed at users who don’t require the full-fledged services of the company. Smart DNS package allows the user to modify the DNS settings to bypass server restrictions without the use of any software. The connection won’t be secure, which relegates the Smart DNS package for media streaming websites and unblocking websites subjected to censorship.

The full VPN package on the other hand is slightly more expensive and offers unlimited VPN access. This is by far an attractive option and a determining factor for a wide range of customers willing to sign up for VPN services.

The single month Full or GlobalVPN subscription package will cost you $9.95 per month. If you are opting for three months, you can get the VPN package for $27.95. Six months and twelve months subscription packages will cost you around $52.95 and $99.95 respectively.

There isn’t any free trial, but you do get a full 48 hour money back guarantee with OverPlay VPN. This is a huge disadvantage, since, anybody willing to test out the service will be forced to sign up and pay for the entire duration of the package for trialing the product. One can cancel the subscription at any time though, but the refund terms and conditions are actually determined by the website administrators; or you can retain the time remaining on your subscription for use at a later date.

The payment options have now been improved and extended. OverPlay VPN now accepts credit cards, Google CheckOut, 2CO and PayPal. Online payment options can indeed be a significant plus point for anonymous web users who are reluctant about sharing their card details with VPN service providers.

OverPlay VPN’s Speed Expectations

In our OverPlay review we found the speed to be above the average of top tier VPN providers. OverPlay is doing quite well in terms of industry standards. Some form of speed loss is expected and acceptable for VPN networks, due to server rerouting and data encryption, but the ability to choose from different servers is an advantage with OverPlay VPN.

From our speed tests, we were able to achieve around 60-70 percent of the normal browsing speed on tap while using the servers located in the US, but on further tests, servers outside the US responded slowly.

There was a significant drop in speed for servers located in other parts of the world, and we have seen a drop of 70 percent of the total speed in worst case scenarios. But the servers in UK responded quite well, and BBC iPlayer streaming was also relatively trouble-free. This proves that OverPlay VPN is on par with the competition in terms of speed and reliability.

Server Locations & Number of Servers

overplay vpn app

OverPlay is mainly targeting users with the intention of browsing through US and UK servers. That is why they give great attention to detail on improving their servers in these countries, which is evident from the speed and reliability of anonymous web browsing from these locations.

OverPlay VPN currently has servers in around 48 different countries, and every user subscribing to their Full VPN service can access any server in any country listed. You are also offered the option of changing the IP according to your needs. This will enable great anonymity while browsing the web. As with all VPN service providers, OverPlay is on the constant alert to increase their server network and come up with new technologies to bypass security firewalls.

Customer Support & Account Access

OverPlay VPN is lacking of good customer service, which raises some questions. There is a live chat feature on the website, and it will be hard to find an email address to shoot an email to the customer service department. We couldn’t find a phone number either to contact OverPlay VPN directly.

All correspondence is done through either the ticketing system or live chat, which will be followed up by email correspondence. It is also being widely reported that customer support is rude and not responsive to clients, even through live chat. We haven’t personally experienced this, but if there is such an instance, OverPlay should raise their game in customer service to get a better foothold in the industry.

Account sharing is allowed at OverPlay, as long as the user doesn’t share it with users from multiple locations. You can access OverPlay from different locations, such as home, work or school, and all they ask is not to access OverPlay from multiple locations at the same time. OverPlay does not log your web browsing activity.

Issues & Troubles to be Expected From OverPlay VPN

Speed and reliability is on par with the competition, apart from a few firewall related issues that might lead to the software working overtime to get the issue fixed. The main problem with OverPlay VPN is their lack of good customer service. Being unresponsive or discourteous is not a great strategy for customer retention.

There have been instances where the OverPlay VPN servers were blocked in China, which is not a good reflection on the anonymity aspect of VPN. Overplay also doesn’t support SSTP, which is a strange occurrence, considering the amount of features, number of servers, IPs and other aspects on offer. Also expect the connection to disconnect without warning, thereby exposing your original IP, albeit, this is a rare occurrence.

OverPlay Review Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this OverPlay VPN Review. OverPlay VPN offers unlimited VPN access for users in a single package. Each and every feature offered by OverPlay signifies their intent of offering the latest and state of the art solutions for anonymous web browsing. It should be said that the slightly expensive price of service may be justified, as they offer far better features and bang for your buck than most of the VPN service providers. The only major drawback is their customer service.

OverPlay VPN Discount Coupons

There isn’t any free trial or any money back guarantee. Currently there is a discount coupon for 15 percent off on bulk order, which is valid for subscriptions on three, six, and 12 months. If you are just looking to try out the VPN service, you won’t be disappointed with spending the amount for the first month’s subscription, and you can cancel any time you want. If you have any comments to this OverPlay review, please use the comment function below.