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Back in college I lived in an apartment where there was free public Wi-Fi access. As a student, it was of course a good thing to have such freebie. I later on learned that connecting to public hotspots posed more dangers than benefits.

If only I knew the risks I was exposed to whenever I connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, I probably would have been more cautious. I also would have used a VPN to protect all my surfing activities.

Having a VPN definitely comes in handy. The crucial part though is finding a dependable VPN provider that you can safely use anytime, anywhere. Ideally, we want to invest in the right VPN product(s) in order to completely protect our system(s).

Anybody can easily be fooled by a new VPN player claiming to be a “reliable” service. But that’s why you have VPN Creative – to help you determine the quality and reliability of all-known VPN services; be it a new company or a well-established company.

OkayFreedom, one of the new VPN players, having been established in 2012, didn’t escape our tests. Here’s a short review of the service.

Okay Freedom Availability and Compatibility

okay freedom

This German-based VPN company houses several servers in 12 different countries. To ensure that you have stable connections, make sure to only connect to servers closest to your location. Here are the 12 server locations as listed on Okay Freedom’s website: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Japan, France, Netherlands, Singapore and Egypt.

As far as security and encryption levels are concerned, Okay Freedom supports OpenVPN – which is one of the most secured protocols currently available.

Know that this is a Windows-only solution. The VPN service will only work on Windows platforms; Mac, Linux and smartphone OS’ are still not compatible with the service. Okay Freedom’s client app also has browser integration for Chrome and FireFox. What’s unique about the VPN service is that it can detect the websites or contents being blocked in your country and then it automatically reroutes you to a server that allows such access.

Okay Freedom Pricing Details

Okay Freedom has limited support options, and so does its pricing plans. Currently, there are only two VPN plans available namely the FREE account and the Premium VPN plan.

The FREE account comes with 500 MB of monthly bandwidth limit. To avail of more bandwidth, you may submit referrals; every referral adds 100 MB to your bandwidth allocation. The maximum bandwidth allocation for FREE subscribers is up to 1 GB only.

The cost of subscribing to the Premium Flat is $29.95 annually. They have trimmed down the price from $69.95 – that’s a total of $40 in discounts. Okay Freedom sure has one of the cheapest rates in the entire market today. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee which is reassuring enough for reluctant subscribers.

Okay Freedom Customer Support

Its website is so simple, that some of the most important information are left out. For example, there seems to be no knowledgebase whatsoever. Though there is a FAQ page, it only contains the basic information about the service and VPN in general.

We also didn’t find the contact page or customer support options right away. When we found it, we didn’t have any other option but the email based support system. A live chat support would have been great since this is a software related product and the fact that not everyone is technically well-versed, the company should have provided a more complete support system.

Okay Freedom Review Conclusion

Okay Freedom is indeed a simple VPN service. However, its simplicity only highlighted its limitations. It lacks support and premium plan is only available on an annual basis.

However, even with all its limitations, the service still provided amazing VPN solutions. The VPN company needs to improve everything it’s weak at. If it does, it’ll surely become among the best providers available in the entire VPN market.

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