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The law provides people with basic rights for their privacy. However, surveillance programs being run by the government only put everybody’s privacy and security at great risk. If an individual, a group or any given body can access your database without your permission, how do you even protect personal information?

Does this mean online privacy is merely an impossible dream? If there was a way to bypass all spying practices, how can anyone retain his / her privacy while surfing the web? With a VPN, becoming virtually invisible is very much possible.

There is a growing demand for online privacy. Good thing there are a bunch of VPN service providers out there. Choose the right VPN company and you will definitely get your internet freedom.

Noodle VPN has been in operations for more than 3 years now. Many speak highly of this VPN provider. So we wanted to try it out for ourselves. Read along and find out what we think of Noodle VPN.

NoodleVPN Availability and Compatibility


The company was established in 2009 in the United States. As of this writing, NoodleVPN has its servers located in 8 countries: Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

It’s not indicated on its website how many servers it currently have. One thing we do know about the servers, users are not allowed to switch from one server to another. This is because its subscription options are country based VPN services. Meaning, you can only connect to the server your subscription allows.

As for the connectivity, speed seems to be fast enough to handle all sorts of online activities; from streaming to downloading. It uses a 100 Mbps dedicated port to deliver high speeds.

P2P downloading is allowed but only through Switzerland servers. So, if you need torrent traffic features, better subscribe to its Swiss VPN plan.

The service will work on Linux, Mac and Windows. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet-PCs are also compatible with NoodleVPN. The company promises quality security features – you can connect to the service through PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and SSTP security protocols.

NoodleVPN Pricing Details

The service is not ideal for the budget-conscious individuals. Noodle’s VPN packages are a bit complicated as well. You may purchase their VPN services by the country or server you want to connect to. VPN plans are available through monthly ($11), quarterly ($27), semi-annually ($50) or annual subscription ($90).

No free trial is available and refunds can only be claimed within 4 days of subscribing.

NoodleVPN Customer Support

We are pleased that NoodleVPN has a live chat support option. It also offers assistance through an email-based customer support.

There is also a knowledgebase on its website where all troubleshooting and installation guides are published.

NoodleVPN Review Conclusion

Overall, the Noodle VPN is a very dependable VPN service. While testing the service, we didn’t really experience any slowdowns.

Its pricing, however, may deter users from subscribing to the service. But if we look at the overall performance, we can honestly say it’s a pretty solid VPN service.

2 thoughts on “Noodle VPN Review

  1. Hello
    The topic is old. We inform you NoodleVPN features bellow;
    Noodle VPN ( provides VPN from: USA ; New York, Chicago, Ohio, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Texas, Las Vegas, Delaware… Europe: England London, Manchester, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany , Luxembourg, Asia: Russia Moscow, Saint Petersburg, China Hong Kong, Korea Seoul,. Canada Montral and Toronto. Australia Melbourne and Sydney.
    Multiple Locations
    IP: Static , Dedicated

    Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OVPN , Cisco VPN, and if needed Kerio VPN.
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  2. Introduction of NoodleVPN Services

    OpenVPN :

    OpenVPN Setup :

    Kero VPN :

    Kerio VPN Setup :

    Cisco VPN :

    Cisco VPN Setup :

    Australia VPN Service :

    Australia : Sydney

    USA VPN Service :

    USA Cities VPN : New York , Chicago , Florida

    Europe VPN Service :

    Europe Countries VPN : UK/England , Germany , France , Netherlands , Switzerland , Sweden

    Torrent VPN :

    Torrent only : Netherlands , Switzerland , Sweden and Canada

    VPN Service Downoading :

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