Last modified June 11, 2013 by Carolyn Moritz

Mullvad VPN Review

Mullvad is a Swedish VPN service provider with a goal to “make internet censorship and surveillance ineffective”. This article is a review of Mullvad VPN to see if and how it stands out from the crowd of VPN providers in the market.

mullvad vpn

First off, the official website is plain and simple. It is a break from the usually flashy websites most VPN providers have. Creating an account is extremely simple. You just have to click on a button, and a user id is generated for you. That it. No registration with names and emails required! This is an excellent way to hide your true identity and it takes anonymity to a whole new level.

Mullvad VPN has servers in 4 different countries, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. This means that you can pose as if you are from any of these four countries.

Mullvad VPN supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. It also supports all major operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. You can choose to use the default PPTP client in your operating system or you can use the clients provided by Mullvad VPN. The installation file for the clients are available for download in the website. Installation is very simple and there are no extra configurations required.

VPN Packages and Plans

Unlike other service providers, Mullvad VPN doesn’t have a variety of plans. The plan is simple, about $7.00 per month. You can also subscribe to the service on recurring basis, but the price remains the same. The good thing about this payment system is that you can pay for a day’s use, a week or a year, depending on what you want.

Mullvad VPN accepts payment through Credit card/Paypal, Bank Wire, Cash, and Bitcoin. Again, Mullvad VPN stands out in this regard for accepting payment in cash and Bitcoin. Cash and Bitcoin are very important for those who are serious about their anonymity. For cash payment, you just have to send the money along with your customer id to their mailing address.


  • Cash and Bitcoin payment options
  • Flexible payment plan.
  • Do not store logs
  • P2P (torrent) is allowed
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth


  • No dedicated customer service

The absence of a dedicated 24×7 customer service means you will have to wait for quite some time for them  to reply to your emails. This won’t be a good thing if you encounter a technical error while doing something urgent.

Mullvad VPN Review Conclusion

Simplicity is what we liked about Mullvad VPN. Although there are cheaper VPN providers out there, the price is still quite  reasonable at $7 per month considering the features. You may compare the different plans from a huge list of VPN providers. Anonymity while registering and paying is also a major advantage. If you are paranoid about anonymity, then this is for you. The company policy states that they do not store any logs, therefore, there will be no logs to give to authorities even if they ask for it.