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These days, security is of utmost concern whether we are talking about the real world or the virtual world. This increasing concern of security of course goes hand in hand with the importance of privacy. Therefore, more and more we see the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to keep your connection and your communications secure because essentially that is what a VPN does: bolster your security.

Any and all data that you send or receive becomes encrypted. Alternatively some people have started using VPN to access what they cannot on their own network by using resources on another network. In other words, you can get around location restrictions. Now, there are a lot of VPN service providers available nowadays and since all of them are not equally good, it is a good idea to do your research beforehand.

Experience with Micro VPN

Downloading and Installation

The downloading and installation process could not be any simpler. The software downloaded in just a few minutes, and the installation took even less time than that. Once everything was set up, I clicked connect and the software connected to its server fairly quickly. Once it connected, the software minimized and I went ahead and opened a few heavy websites to assess the VPN’s qualities.

Server Location

Unfortunately, Micro VPN only has VPN servers located in Chicago in the United States. It is important to get a provider that has a wide availability of servers across the globe, as you will get a faster connection because you have greater chances of finding a server close to you. Moreover, you will have to deal with less localized restrictions as you will have access to more geographical regions. If you want to access media that is not available in Chicago then you will not be able to do so, which you would be able to if you used a provider with servers in more diverse locations.

To give you an idea of how vast a popular VPN service provider’s network can be, consider this: HideMyAss has over 50,000 IP address located across more 50 countries around the globe. This means that they are able to cater to a much larger customer base while maintaining connection quality.

IP Addresses

With Micro VPN you do have the option of choosing a VPN IP Changer Account, which enables you to get a different IP address every ten minutes. If you can get a new IP address every time you connect, that increases your security, as you are essentially untraceable. However, this option is only available if you become a regular member.
Supported Platforms

You can use Micro VPN on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Android devices, and iOS (iPhones, iPads). Therefore, it is available on and compatible with a wide range of platforms.

Pricing Plan

You can buy a monthly package for the Standard VPN, which is $7 USD, a month or a yearly package, which is $45 USD. This is quite cost effective but if you want to buy the VPN IP Changer then that is $10 a month and $50 a year.

Speed Performance

In terms of speed, Micro VPN’s performance was pretty good. My Internet connection did slow down but any VPN does slow down a connection to some extent. The connection might drop once in the entire week possibly, but you will be able to reconnect immediately.

A very good measure of internet performance is to play high definition videos, which Micro VPN allowed me to do quite easily. I was able to play videos with minimal if any buffering, while still browsing other websites. Despite the occasional hiccup, playback was brilliant.

Protocol and IP Options

You have the options of L2PT and PPTP when it comes to VPN protocols. Unfortunately you do not have the option of SSL, SSTP. Open VPN, or IPSec. Moreover Micro VPN offers you a Shared Dynamic IP or a Shared Static IP but you do not have the option of a Dedicated IP or a Shared IP.

Customer support

You can avail online assistance through either chatting with their support team or sending an email so you are provided with 24/7 support whether you have an issue with the software or need help setting up.


Micro VPN has been around since 2008 and has been providing reliable service for 5 years now. Your location is reliably secured and replaced with a different IP address and you can safely enjoy anonymous browsing on a safe connection.

The lack of options in terms of location servers is a drawback, as is the lack of protocol options but considering its cost effectiveness, speed, and reliability it is a good option to select as it does deliver on full anonymity, instant privacy and complete protection.


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