Linkideo Review

Launched in 2007, Linkideo is one of the established VPN service providers with a very basic VPN service offering.

While Linkideo manages to offer some of the cheapest VPN, Linkideo does have some drawbacks that hinder the company from competing with truly world-class VPN services.

Let’s take a closer look at the VPN services offered by the company in this brief Linkideo review.

Installation & Configuration

Linkideo does not have a dedicated VPN software or dialer for the basic packages, and still follows the manual VPN configuration option through the PPTP protocol. This is a surprise, as most VPN companies now offer a dedicated VPN platform for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. There are tutorials to get the user started; however, unavailability of a stand-alone VPN software is a serious drawback for the company. The company does offer an OpenVPN platform for the unlimited account.

Subscription Cost

Linkideo Cost

Linkideo subscription starts at $2.70 per month for the basic package known as the ‘L VPN Link’. For this package, there is a speed restriction of 512 Kbps. The ‘XL VPN Link’ package costs $6.75 for a boost in browsing speed to 2048 Kbps. The unlimited package costs $13.50 per month and offers unlimited speed, port forwarding and access to the OpenVPN platform. The subscription cost makes no sense apart from the basic ‘L VPN Link’ package, for which, you just get a very basic VPN service.

There is no trial period or money-back guarantee. Users will have to make the first monthly payment and experience the VPN services for themselves. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel the subscription at any time, but you can’t expect any money-back. The payment option is also restricted to credit card payments.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Linkideo offers average speed for a VPN service provider, and is not a company that is fully dedicated on offering the fastest VPN service in the industry. Coupled with speed restrictions for the basic packages, Linkideo users should not expect any speed frills, unless they opt for the unlimited package, in which case, they can use a VPN through average speeds.

The company promises unlimited bandwidth, but realistically speaking, users can’t enjoy the full benefits of unlimited bandwidth for the basic packages due to the speed throttling. Unlimited package users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Reliability is also poor, as there is no kill switch in case the VPN connection drops. If this happens, the user’s original IP will be revealed. Lack of a dedicated VPN platform means it is difficult to known when the VPN connection drops.

Servers & Server Locations

Linkideo has been in the industry for a while, but when it comes to servers, they have been extremely conservative. Hosting servers in France, Netherlands, U.K and the U.S, the choice of servers is really low. However, the unlimited VPN package can get you access to geo-locked content, especially in the U.S and the U.K.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

The privacy policy as displayed in the website clearly states that Linkideo will store user’s web browsing history, which makes it extremely difficult for potential users to choose Linkideo. In this day and age where user anonymity and privacy has become a top priority, Linkideo still follows data logging policies that clearly violates users’ privacy and anonymity.


Customer Support

Customer support is virtually ineffective, as the only mode of contact is through email. You can send in inquiries at three different places, but you don’t have access to a phone or live chat feature, which seriously hinders customers’ ability to contact support in a timely manner.

Issues & Problems

Linkideo is full of minor niggles and reliability issues, and while the company boasts of a cheap VPN service, the actual VPN services rendered is quite ineffective. There are numerous high-quality VPN service providers that offer reliable VPN service providers for a bit more cost.

Review Conclusion

Due to the various problems existing at Linkideo, and considering the overall value for money proposition, Linkideo is not a VPN service provider that we would recommend. If Linkideo had give priority for their users’ privacy and anonymity, we would have considered recommending their product, but their existing privacy policies and VPN services are largely unacceptable.

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