Lamnia VPN Review

There are a lot of VPN providers out there and companies are developing new ones with different packages just to improve the service. One of these service providers is LamniaVPN. They have recently made enhancements to their site. This VPN service would be better presented if its advantages and disadvantages would be discussed.

The Advantages

LamniaVPN is just like any other VPN services out there. They have been around providing solid VPN service to their subscribers though there isn’t much flair on it. They offer simple plans, has live support and their service is fast enough to stream movies and TV shows in the US, UK and Canada. All in all, LamniaVPN cannot be considered poor in terms of service.

There are sites in countries like in UK which restricts those with non-UK IP address from accessing their website thus disabling users like you to get to BBC iPlayer, Sky, Channels 4 and 5 and ITV. However, if you sign up to LamniaVPN, you will be given a British IP address that lets you access these sites no matter where you are in the world. You will be given access to servers in the UK so you can access sites in UK even if you are abroad. They also have servers in the US and Canada so you can access Hulu, Netflix and Pandora.


The Disadvantages

LamniaVPN doesn’t come with a free trial unlike other VPN providers. However, you can sign up to their service for a month and get your money back within three days if you are not satisfied with the service. Their price is also not so reasonable considering that they only offer standard service. They charge 8.75 GBP to 12. 95 GBP or $14 to $21 and this are quite high price for a standard VPN service. They will give you a discount if you refer friends to sign up to their service. Apart from that, LamniaVPN has fewer servers compared to other providers. They only have six locations; US, UK, Luxembourg, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. They also have limited devices and OS and only support Mac OS/X, iPhone/Pad and Touch and Windows XP/Vista/7.

After everything, LamniaVPN can be considered a professional when it comes to service delivery. They target those who are located in UK who wants to access television shows and movies in other countries. However we’d recommend you to check out our list of top VPN providers before deciding.

22 thoughts on “Lamnia VPN Review

  1. I have been using lamnia for a few years with reasonable sucess and recently decided to purchase a vpn router from them. It took 4 weeks of hounding them to send me the router. They initially told me that it had been sent, but after it did not show up for two weeks I finally received a reply informing me that it had not been sent and they would dispatch it that day. Again another week passed and no router. I called and received the same reply, but they still refused to send it.

    After raising a dispute with paypal, they finally sent me this item. However, it does not appear to be working and lamnia are ignoring my emails. Their so called ‘live chat’ is also useless.

    I really would avoid using this company. Their customer service is appalling and they are totally untrustworthy.

  2. Wow I have only just read the reviews.
    If I had seen these comments before I renewed in January I would have been £70 better off
    What a useless bunch of cowards that hide behind the fact that they do not have to reply to your emails
    At least Dick Turpin had the decorum to wear a mask

  3. I have been a customer of Lamnia for two years.
    I HAVE NOT been able to use the facility since April 2016 (now Set 2016)
    Although I have tried on numerous occasions to contact them, I still have had no joy.
    There isn’t a telephone number to contact them, and their so called Customer Service is non existant
    I would advise people to steer well clear of this Mickey Mouse set up

  4. Signed up yesterday for their free trial. All good had a very enjoyable evening using BBC iPlayer. Caught up on all our Christmas misses.
    Will be continuing.

  5. We have multiple servers in the following locations.

    UK 6 data centres
    USA 6 data centres
    Czech Republic 2 Data Centres

    We also have a huge server network with a massive IP range.

    Our service offers

    Dynamic with PPTP, L2PT and Open VPN
    We also offer Dedicated VPN with PPTP, L2PT and Open VPN

    Our prices can be as low as £6.50 for Dynamic VPN

    £9.50 for our Dedicated VPN services

    But why not visit the site and sign up for a free trial and see for yourself

  6. We are now offering a pre configured VPN Router. That will enable multiple devices to connect at once using a single VPN account.
    It also allows Smart TVs, Media, Players, Apple TV and games consoles to connect as if in the UK or USA. Great for Netflix.
    You can buy on the website or on eBay where you will see we have a 100% rating

  7. One of the worst providers of any product you will ever come across. Starts out all friendly, first name terms etc, yes that’s exactly what our product does. Then you pay for it. Then they don’t deliver it. Then after you’ve cancelled because of non-delivery they send you a delivery and PayPal won’t help you because Lamnia can prove delivery even though it’s an item sent since you cancelled the order! When you start asking questions of Lamnia they stop all contact.

    Do not touch this company.

  8. Do not touch this service. My friend has had a bad experience with this provider.
    Firstly there is their so called ‘money back guarantee’ which is only valid for 48 hours.
    His experience was that the service was fine for a few weeks then started to deteriorate.
    He also inadvertently had signed-up for a recurring yearly payment. Even though he wasn’t using their service for months they still charged him. When he complained they just kept the money even though he wan’t using their system.

  9. I would now give them zero stars. We were cut off three days ago and have had not response to emails and apparently all their people are currently busy on the live chat. The promise to get back to ASAP has come to nothing after three days. Their mail box is now full.

    My suspicion is that they have ceased operations….choose another provider.

  10. Lamnia have reconnected my account and given me a one month extension of my subscription. This was done fairly expeditiously but nevertheless had they been maintaining my account in a businesslike way, this condition would not have arisen.

  11. I have now heard from Lamnia indicating that my subscription had been cancelled although I had paid for a 14 month subscription in May 2014.
    I suggest that rather than subscribing to this company with their screwed up accounting system, you find another supplier of VPN service.
    They are the WORST!

  12. I have used Lamnia for a couple of years but find their service very poor in that I constantly get failure to connect notifications. It takes days to get any response from their tech support!

  13. Chipfork Interesting i had the same issue with a rolling contract with Lamnia how ever after complaining to them they pointed out that i had agreed to a subscription payment and sure enough i had the lesson for me is read the i have read the terms and conditions before ticking i have read the T&C’s box

    1. Subscriptions and cancellations are clearly explained in the Terms and Conditions ( which has a direct link from the Subscribe button )
      But in font 24 above all the buttons is the following statement. In highlighted text.
      Our Subscription Options allow you to choose the price plan that suits, knowing that your VPN access will be renewed automatically with each payment.

      Your details and payments are handled by PayPal with the security that brings and of course with Paypal you can cancel at anytime there are no long contracts with Lamnia. With a Lamnia VPN you are always in control.

      There s also an “I agree” legal statement with Payapl confirming it is a recurring payment.

      In total 7 steps on the website all in a clear and transparent way. Often in large text and highlighted that it is a subscription. With the clear option to take out a single payment option.

  14. Ive used Lamnia VPN for many years with reasonable success. The passwords are constantly changed without notification, but this ongoing nuisance is nothing compared to the misleading rolling contract that I unwittingly signed up for the last time I renewed my yearly subscription.
    Lamnia insist that their process of signing up indefinately is clear, but it cetainly is not the case in my situation. They hold onto the fact that I accpeted thier T&C’s. I attach a sample of these T&C’s that are meant to make it clear that Lamnia will continue to debit the PayPal account indefinitely, year on year until you cancel.
    They also admitted that ‘3 or 4’ customers have had similar issue and then tried to retract this comment (made in writing).
    Lamnia initially agreed to refund the outstanding balance of the yearly subscription, over a week ago, and since then have ignored all my emails, with no refund forthcoming.
    I have contacted the OFT and Trading Standards to investigate the process of selling and the wording and structure therefof. Ill feed back on this, I suspect that based on OFT guidance OFT 311 on unfair contracts, that Lamnia have a case to answer.
    Overall OK service, but highly suspect selling practices, be careful what you are agreeing to.

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