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The Kepard VPN service allows you to secure your Internet connection, and protect your personal data, even when using public Wi-Fi. It even allows users to access blocked sites, or those with regional restrictions. These features are just a few of the reasons why you should use a VPN service, even if you use public Wi-Fi or travel a lot. In this Kepard VPN review we will take a close look at the Kepard VPN offerings. Let’s jump right into it.

Cost of subscription

The VPN service provided by Kepard provides is offered at one of the lowest prices available in the market today. Users looking for a product that delivers the highest value possible will certainly be pleased. They offer three different price plans.

Users can pay a monthly fee of 7 dollars, pay for three months at a time for 19 dollars, or use Kepard for an entire year for just 69 dollars. By choosing the one-year term contract, users save 18 percent per year compared to the monthly fee. An added benefit of using Kepard is that there are no auto renewals, setup fees, or hidden charges to worry about.

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Servers location

Users of Kepard have access to eight servers, over 30 IP address, in five different countries: The United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. Customers can switch from sever to server at no added charge, which is feature many VPN services do not provide.

VPN Security Protocols

One of the many reasons that customers have flocked to Kepard is due to the flexibility and versatility in terms of the variety of protocols available including L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN, and others. These protocols can be used to transmit large amounts of data safely and securely. Users can even transmit secure data, and hide their identity, while using a public Wi-Fi connection.


Kepard offers round the clock support via a customer ticket support system. Customers can submit a question or problem by submitting a ticket. The support team can then track that ticket and the customer receives a response quickly.

In the meantime, the Kepard company support site contains helpful material such as manuals, basic information, and frequently asked questions that can be very useful when troubleshooting problems.

Traffic and Speed

All of the plans offered in the Kepard Premium VPN service have unlimited bandwidth and traffic possibilities. The amount of traffic that can be supported is depended upon which server is being used. For example, only specific servers are able to support torrent traffic. As mentioned before, it is completely free to switch servers at any time.

Speed is certainly one area where Kepard has been impressing customers most highly. This VPN provider offers unrestricted speeds, and most users have claimed that encryption has not affected their connection speed noticeably.

In order to get the fastest speeds, while benefiting from the highest levels of security, using the OpenVPN protocol comes highly recommended. The company site offers plenty of great advice regarding which protocols to use depending on the types of devices you are using, and the types of data you need to transfer.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

Kepard is supported by all of the popular devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android based devices. As long as the operating system is capable of supporting the protocols used by Kepard, the VPN service is likely to be supported.

This VPN software is unique in that it is a plug and play based platform. The software supports applications such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, and many more.

This software is compatible with all of the leading operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux, and most Microsoft Windows operating systems. Customers have been reporting that the software will support applications across all of the major operating systems at comparable top speeds.

Kepard VPN Review Conclusions

The Kepard software shines across the board in every category. Users love this service because it provides security, anonymity, unlimited bandwidth, many supported protocols, unrestricted speeds, and the freedom to switch servers without charge.

Kepard also keeps payment options flexible for customers; payment can be made using most major credit cards, and even with PayPal.

This software is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for excellent value in a VPN service, and those who want to protect their data even while on the go. If you have any comments or feedback to this Kepard review, please get in touch by means of the comment section below here.

2 thoughts on “Kepard VPN Review

  1. This is one of the very few VPN’s which worked on both my computers. I tried 2 other highly rated VPN’s but they worked on only 1 computer even after changing the settings. The user interface of the program is very easy to use and provides reliable connection throughout the day.

  2. I have been dealing with for almost a week now and they’ve been nothing but trying to be helpful. My experience with them have been excellent.

    1. Tech support responds fast and email replied within the day, more often than not faster;
    2. Free trial and provide support even during the whole year (30-min daily) free trial;
    3. Support all platforms (PC, Mac, iDevices and androids);
    4. Support all three most popular protocols PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN;
    5. Tech support would use Teamviewer to try further figure out the connectivity problem;
    6. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited “switch” number among all servers in different countries

    1. No live chat or phone number (off set by provide timely email reply and Teamviewer in my view);
    2. No configuration guides to “jailbroken” iDevices connecting through OpenVPN (but this could be a “considered” decision on the company’s part of not getting into something potentially “troublesome”);
    3. Not as many servers in as many different countries as StrongVPN or HMA (however StrongVPN only allows a very limited number of switches per month)
    4. Not all protocols on all platforms may be able to connect (for example we still haven’t figured out how to connect my Mac, running Snow Leopard, and my iPad 2, with iOS 5.1.1, through L2TP)

    In summary I believe anyone who’s looking for a reasonably priced VPN that allows you unlimited bandwidth and strong customer support should look into this young company.

    I’ll update my review once I have more experience with them, with time. 🙂

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