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IronSocket VPN Review

People are getting savvier by the day. And as the Internet is becoming a new virtual haven for everybody, it is also important to maintain personal privacy and security. In order to achieve freedom whilst surfing the web, users must connect through a secured tunnel to protect personal and sensitive information.

Certain news regarding the government’s capabilities to sniff data and spy on Internet activities have alarmed web users. Many of whom think that there is no way to hide from the Internet. But with the increasing awareness about VPN technology, people are now realizing how easy it can be to avoid cyber spying practices.


IronSocket is a recently re-branded VPN service, originally known as HideMyNet. VPN Creative has reviewed the services of HideMyNet before, and favorably so. Now that the service has been overhauled, what’s changed and what’s stayed the same?

IronSocket Device Compatibility


Just like the old version of IronSocket, the service provides nothing but top-notch VPN connections. The VPN service is compatible with numerous devices. If you are connecting from a Windows or Mac OSX platform, it is recommended to use an OpenVPN connection setup. IronSocket OpenVPN runs data communication on a 2048 bit encryption system.

For L2TP configuration, browsing activities operates on 256 bit AES encryption over UDP port 500 or 4500. PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) is also supported for those who are unable to use L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN.

IronSocket also offer DNS Proxy (SmartDNS), SOCK5 and HTTP Proxy services. SmartDNS is best used on VPN routers to allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously. Users who do not wish to use the full VPN access can simply opt for the HTTP Proxy service. This type of service is ideal for use on gaming consoles and set-top devices. iOS and Android are also supported.

IronSocket offers a zero-activity log policy across all its servers. This gives users a high level of privacy and security.

IronSocket Pricing Details

Prices haven’t really changed from its previous offering when it was still HideMyNet. For a month of IronSocket connections, users only need to pay a one-time fee of $6.99 while for $35.95, you get six months of VPN access and one year of IronSocket access costs $49.95.

For what you pay, you get three VPN accesses and three IP slots you can simultaneously use on three different devices. If you need more VPN access, you can avail of an additional VPN slots. Add-ons include:

  • Four VPN accesses and four IPs for $1.50 / $9.00 / $18.00
  • Six VPN accesses and six IPs for $3.00 / $18.00 / $36.00
  • Eight VPN accesses and eight IPs for $4.00 / $24.00 / $48.00

IronSocket has also develop its own SmartDNS service which comes as a freebie to its main VPN offering. A total of 324 DNS Proxy IP addresses are available for users’ disposal in streaming 180+ channels/services across the globe.

At the moment, there are no trial accounts available for testing purposes. All VPN plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee. Past the seven day time period, unhappy customers will not be able to ask for a refund anymore.

There are a total of 53 servers located across 36 countries. Users can access 106 shared IPs to establish a secured connection.

IronSocket Installation and Customer Support

Installation and configuration of the VPN service on supported devices are properly documented on its Setup page.

Installation tutorials and troubleshooting guides can all be found on its knowledgebase. While it can be a bit confusing when installing the service using an OpenVPN connection, it was a little easier to set up IronSocket on a PC.

ironsocket connect

ironsocket connected

To use the service, users need to choose from its wide selection of VPN server addresses that are available on the Network page. P2P file sharing is allowed within the network but only on certain VPN servers.

While connected to a US Server, one needs to check whether their IP address indeed was masked. If you check your IP address on the VPNCreative homepage, you’ll see that you are connected from within the USA, or wherever you have chosen.

ironsocket connect ip

Aside from its Setup and FAQ sections, IronSocket also provide a ticketing system for subscribers who need further assistance. It would be better though if it has a live-chat support system so as to make it more convenient for subscribers to reach the support team anytime.

IronSocket has hinted that it will be launching a new downloadable client soon!


IronSocket did not disappoint us. We tested the service and it performed about our expectations. We recommend IronSocket to looking for an affordable and stable VPN connections.