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In the long list of great VPN providers we’ve reviewed, IPVanish (http://www.ipvanish.com/) stands out as they’ve built their own proprietary VPN infrastructure. This includes their own globally controlled and operated VPN servers, a proprietary VPN traffic delivery network as well as in-house-developed VPN software for all major OS platforms and mobile devices.

IPVanish has quickly won over 1,000s of customers from around the world for their overall quality of service; the easy content unblocking ability, fast and reliable for streaming, and a massive network of VPN servers — which includes over 37 servers in the US/Canada and 67 in Europe — and state-of-the-art encryption technology for staying anonymous online.

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Installation & Configuration for Desktop, Laptop

IPVanish supports all major platforms for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones with free software downloads from the IPVanish website. The software is easy to install and allows you to access content from around the world with full VPN encryption from your Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu or Chromebook machine as well through your VPN-enabled router.

Note that the Windows VPN application has separate tutorials for 7, Vista and XP. Similarly, you get different software for Mac OS X or iOS. Linux will also work with IPVanish VPN, but please note that you will need to follow the manual configuration procedures as shown on the set-up section.

IPVanish’s free and easy-to-use VPN software makes it more convenient for users to access US content like Netflix, Pandora, ESPN and Hulu anytime and anywhere. Installation takes just a few minutes, once installed simply use the IPVanish login information provided by IPVanish after you register. Once you launch the software, you can change servers and IP addresses from around the world as well as change your VPN encryption protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP) directly from the IPVanish client.

IPV Server Selection - Map View

Installation & Configuration – Mobile

IPVanish also allows you to connect the VPN to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows Phone for easy website unblocking and general online encryption. For iOS, there is a free app available in the iTunes store and for Android; there is a free app available on Google Play. Both can be found on the IPVanish VPN software page.

The software route is indeed the most preferred VPN access point for IPVanish, but you can also go the manual route if you prefer. The setup tutorials, complete with visual guides, are very descriptive and will get you up and running with your VPN connection.

Subscription Cost

As mentioned above, IPVanish has agreed to offer our readers an additional 15% discount off the subscription rates using coupon code VPNCREATIVE.

To make things easy, IPVanish offers a single package which include all their features including unlimited VPN usage, country/server switching, and software for a monthly subscription fee of $10 $8.50. IPVanish also offers discounts for multi-month service packages, which is low as $6.49 $5.52/month with the annual service.

On top of this, IPVanish offers a 7 day money back guarantee with every subscription. After signing up, you can cancel at any time within 7 days and receive a refund, no questions asked.

Payment Options

IPVanish offers several global payment methods including all major credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin. Worldpay is also offered, giving you options like iDeal, GiroPay, PaySafe Card, MisterCash and Boleto Bancado.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

One of the most important factors in choosing a VPN is speed. By default, speed is lost when you use a VPN connection, but with IPVanish we were able to maintain 80 percent of the available browsing speed. IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN providers we’ve tested and the numbers prove it.

IPVanish is the only true tier- 1 VPN provider in the world, which means that the company owns and runs their own servers. This is a competitive advantage as you are generally able to get faster VPN speeds and more stable connections with a VPN company/service that operates its own infrastructure.

Worried about bandwidth? IPVanish offers unlimited bandwidth to all customers without any restrictions.

Server Locations

IPVanish has one of the largest VPN networks with 14,000+ IPs and over 140+ servers in well over 60 countries. This gives you a wide range of options to unlock content and adopt anonymous IPs from many regions around the world.

The list of countries include, but not limited to: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India, Spain, Belgium, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Italy, Singapore, Czech Republic, Egypt, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Iceland, Panama, Argentina, Norway, Latvia, Brazil, Moldova, Ireland, Estonia, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and Croatia. You can visit the IPVanish VPN servers page for a complete list of servers available on the IPVanish network.

IPVanish also allows two simultaneous connections, which allows you to use the service on multiple devices. The VPN protocols currently offered for desktop platforms are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, L2TP XML and PPTP XM as well as PPTP and L2TP for mobile devices.

Customer Support

IPVanish wants to ensure customers have a great overall experience and offers a range of support options include live chat, email, website contact form, and a support forum. The tutorials and FAQ pages are also simple and highly informative.

Other Features

It is also worth mentioning that IPVanish does not log any traffic. Rest assured, you can confidently use the VPN service knowing that it stands true to its Zero Log Policy.

Issues & Problems

We haven’t faced any issues or problems since we started using IPVanish. The only missing component of IPVanish would be a kill switch, which is probably in the works.

Our review team at VPN Creative is always open to your thoughts and feedback on your experience with IPVanish. Please feel free to send us an email or let us know in the comments section below.

IPVanish Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a VPN provider with fast browsing speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and competitive pricing, look no further—IPVanish is the VPN for you. With a proprietary VPN network, easy-to-use software, a variety of encryption protocol options, IPVanish is ideal for maintaining anonymity when unblocking content from services like Netflix or Hulu and browsing the web.

10 thoughts on “IPVanish Review

  1. This is NOT a Great service for me. It ha been 2 weeks and I am not connected yet. I
    can’t contact anybody through support or account or the phone number. I c

  2. 2 simultaneous connections is absolutely not sufficient. This is 2015. It is an everyday common scenario to need or want 3 or more devices simultaneously protected by their VPN service. You will more than make up for the “expense” of multiple devices per user account by the increased customer base gained from allowing more than 2 connections. Many people will look elsewhere for a VPN provider when they come across one that unnecessarily restricts device access.

  3. IPVanish is not working for me and I’ve had absolutely no support from them. Now I am asking to cancel my subscription and for a refund, but they are ignoring me. To say that I am not impressed would be an understatement.

  4. IPVanish is not working for me and I’ve had absolutely not support from them. Now I am asking to cancel my subscription and for a refund, but they are ignoring me. To say that I am not impressed would be an overstatement.

  5. VanishVPN is a suggested VPN to access censored web sites. In this regard, there are better options as a result of failing to offer SSTP.

    In addition, 2 connections is not that generous. Most european providers are offering 3 or more devices in their subscriptions. This covers mobiles, ipads and desktops, as opposed to needinga second account.

    With regard to speeds, only PrivateInternetAccess has offered faster speeds. However their reach is more restricted, with a service in only 9 countries.

    VanishVPN is certainly very good, but you need to marry up your needs with their offering. I would not recommend them for the more restrictive states for example.

  6. These guys don’t get enough love imho, they are much faster and reliable than HMA and others (speaking from experience). If you care about speed from your vpn servers, ipvanish is where you want to be. I use it for all my downloading habits and streaming and I only have good things to say…hope this was helpful

  7. download speeds are awesome. After using several vpn providers, i figured that i would just have to give up fast download speeds in order to keep my IP hidden. It was quite refreshing to be proven wrong!  IPVanish definitely has the fastest servers ive come across.

  8. I love IPVanish for fast access to US IPs. I have no complaints. Best VPN I’ve discovered and I’ll continue to use them and recommend them.

  9. honestly a great service.  My connection is fast and stable, it doesn’t get dropped all the time like it did with my last service provider.

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