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ibVPN Review

ibVPN ( is short for Invisible Browsing Virtual Private Network and signifies the real essence of VPN technology, which is to ensure cyber security and anonymity while surfing the web.

If you desire Internet freedom and want to become virtually undetectable and untraceable and to avoid being monitored by any unauthorized parties including the government, then you should consider using a VPN provider.

IbVPN Website

ibVPN started offering VPN services way back in 2003. The company is proud of its years of experience in the field of Internet privacy development and is dedicated to providing the best Internet security and privacy services. The company firmly believes that the World Wide Web should be accessible to everybody without unnecessary filtering or restrictions, thus providing superb VPN connections.

Wherever you may be, you can use ibVPN to protect your data. We had the chance to review this VPN provider. Let’s get started and take a look at the ibVPN specifications.

Server Count and Locations

ibVPN has over 80 servers located in major cities all over the world. The VPN servers are strategically located in 33 countries particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong , Spain, Italy, Panama, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Poland, India, Austria, Czech, Hungary, Iceland, Norway. The VPN company has recently expanded its network to Bulgaria, Belgium and Saudi Arabia.

Users have the option to choose their preferred IP addresses or countries of origin. This will allow users to access their favorite TV or movie streaming websites such as BBC, Hulu, Pandora, Netflix and other sites that require certain geographical / IP addresses.

For a better experience in accessing stream media, users can ibDNS – ibVPN’s own version of a SmartDNS service.

Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP

ibVPN works with the most common security protocols available today – OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP as well as SSTP. Users can either manually set up a VPN connection on their computers or mobile devices; or they can simply install the VPN client which is quite easy to do. SSTP is also supported but is only available on certain servers, and will only work for Windows and a recent version of Ubuntu.

ibVPN’s Speed

VPN traffic can hinder your speed a little and slow things down. Encryption methods used in the system mean users can sometimes experience a bit of speed deterioration.

In the case of ibVPN, this slowdown is minimal. Technically speaking, slowdowns to a certain extent are expected when using a VPN. ibVPN doesn’t limit speed though and has multiple servers to ensure users stable and speedy connections anytime and anywhere.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

ibVPN supports mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone smartphones and Android units. DD-WRT routers are also compatible with the ibVPN service. Gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will also work well with ibVPN.

With its Android app, new users can easily register to the VPN service without any hassle. ibVPN also fixed common bugs to its Android app. Users can expect improved performance with this Android app version 1.4.

For desktop use, the required operating systems are Windows, Linux or Mac OS X 10.2 (or higher). ibVPN offers an All-in-One VPN client for Windows and Mac OS users. The dedicated VPN clients for Windows and Mac OS are packed with a feature that solves the trouble with unwanted VPN disconnects that can leave your IP exposed.


Another good reason to use this service is that the company does not impose any bandwidth or traffic limitations. Users can enjoy unrestricted surfing and download habits.

There is a P2P-file-sharing option that comes with additional fees. ibVPN won’t log or monitor any of your Internet activities.

ibVPN Packages Explained

There are two main VPN subscription packages that ibVPN offer; standard premium packages and multi-plan packages. Standard plans are basically country-based packages. The multi-plan VPN package is simply for family or small business users.

When purchasing a VPN service, users usually look at two factors: subscriptions fees and discounts available.

  • US & CA VPN costs $4.95/month
  • UK & IE VPN costs $4.95/month
  • EU VPN costs $4.95/month
  • Torrent VPN costs $4.95/month
  • Total VPN costs $7.95/month
  • Ultimate VPN costs $10.95/month
  • Multi-VPN VPN starts at $19.95/month

The bestselling ibVPN package is the Total VPN plan. Users can also avail of discounts when they subscribe to a long-term or multi-month plans.

The multi-plan packages are far more expensive than the premium plans since account holders will have multiple accounts. A single account can have up to 20 accounts for $69.96/month.

The VPN company has also developed a DNS solution that comes for free in the Ultimate VPN, Total VPN and Multi PVN packages. With this DNS solution dubbed ibDNS service, users can now unblock restricted websites without having to compromise speed or reliability of the connection. For as low as $4.95/month, users are now able to unlock 100+ channels in the US, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Middle East and Latin America.

Accepted payments are Paypal, AstroPay, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Western Union, Payza, PaymentWall, CashU, AvanGate, Paypro, Perfect Money and via major credit cards.

All packages come in a 15-day money back guarantee. There is also a trial period but it’ll only last for a couple of hours. Arguably, this is enough time to test out whether or not ibVPN’s service suits your needs. Satisfied free-trial users can opt to subscribe to a premium ibVPN plan. Trial periods are free of charge.


Customer Support

ibVPN cares more about customers satisfaction than the money they are getting from subscriptions. The ibVPN provide all the necessary information and tutorials on its website.

If you can’t find the exact solution to your problems on the FAQ section, you can email the support or submit a support ticket and a representative will get back to you at the soonest time possible. If ibVPN receives complaints, the issues will be taken care of immediately. There is also a Live Support option which is available 24/7.

ibVPN Review Conclusion

This VPN company wants you to freely surf the Internet while protected from any cyber threat. ibVPN can bypass all sorts of Internet restrictions so that you can enjoy accessing your favorite websites. The ibVPN team has a total of 10 years experience in designing and coding Internet privacy tools that can help users with all their Internet needs.

ibVPN can give you the Internet security you deserve. When it comes to VPN services, ibVPN is a name you can definitely rely on.