IAPS Security Services Review

IAPS Security Services LLC is one of the largest VPN service providers around. The company was originally founded in 2007, and allows individuals to connect to their VPN servers through SSTP, PPTP, iKEv2, and L2TP protocols. They are one of the largest VPN providers around, opening in Delaware in the year 2007. Their premium VPN service specializes in bringing VPN to the masses for unlocking TV programs that are locked due to geographical considerations, allowing users to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other online content providers.

Installation and Configuration

As one of the largest VPN providers around, the installation and configuration of their VPN is quite simple. They have a number of different guides that are available, as well as remote desktop help, that can make it easy for individuals to receive the help they need in order to go about properly installing and configuring their VPN service.

IAPS Security Services

Additionally, the live chat support can walk you through the initial steps as well, ensuring that you receive the proper installation, and can begin using your VPN right way, after subscribing. There are multiple things that need to be taken into consideration throughout the process, and each of these considerations is outlined in their installation guide, available on their website.

Subscription Cost

IAPS Security Services offers a number of different plans, each of which may suit your needs depending upon what those needs are. The country specific plans that are available start from $9.95 per month. These allow you to choose which server you are going to be connecting to, in the country of your choice. There are also a number of different combination plans that are available as well.

Shared VPN services starts at $9.95, Premium VPN plan costs $99.95, Dedicated VPN for $59.95 monthly, Shared / Dedicated SSHv2 Tunnel service costs $10.95, Remote Desktop service starts at $50 per month, Microsoft Exchange Secured Email costs $8, Encrypted Voice/Video Services costs $9.95, and Secure S/FTP storage for $12 monthly.

These plans allow you to switch servers, and are a bit more expensive than the most basic plans that they offer. They also allow you to choose servers in specific countries, if that is something that you would require. The company also offers specific TV plans and plans for torrent usage as well, if you are planning on doing a large amount of downloading with the service. They offer a wide range of different options, each of which are put together to properly suit the needs of a wide range of individuals and fall within the budget restrictions that you may have to worry about.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

The servers that are provided by IAPS Security Services are some of the fastest and most reliable that are currently available. they offer some of the best speeds that are currently available on the VPN market. Each of the servers that they offer are connecting up to 1000 MBPS nodes, which means that servers that are close to your location are going to deliver ridiculously high speeds compared to the competition. They are also well known for their online TV packages that are specifically aimed at delivering the fastest streaming content that is currently available.

Although they do allow for peer 2 peer usage, most of that is going to be limited to specific countries in order to avoid violations of the law. In all, their servers are among the fastest and most reliable that the industry has to offer, which makes them an excellent choice for those that are most concerned about reliability, speed, and bandwidth that is provided through their subscription service.

IAPS Security Services

Server Locations

One area in which IAPS Security Services truly shines is the huge number of choices that they have available in regards to servers and locations. They have been rapidly expanding the number of options that they have available to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible service. They have a specific goal of expanding the countries that they offer their VPN services within. As of right now, they have servers in all of the major markets including the US, UK, Canada, and the whole of the European Union. The company also has server locations that are in the Asia Pacific and African countries as well, which are also an excellent consideration for individuals that live in those areas.

The large number of servers makes it quite easy to get around GEOIP restrictions that many of the large content providers, such as Hulu and Netflix, have rolled out in recent years. This, combined with the ability to get around corporate blocks, government firewalls, and other systems that would otherwise detriment your browsing ability, make IAPS Security Services an excellent provider for anyone to consider. Their huge number of server locations has been one of the largest draws to the company thus far, and they only continue to expand.


Customer Support

Customer support from IAPS Security Services is top notch. They make a knowledgebase available for all of the basic and most popular questions that people run into when they are looking to troubleshoot, but they also offer live chat support for the most pressing of questions. The live chat is currently only available during business hours. For hours that do not fall during business hours, they have an email based support ticket system that is sometimes an even better option than the live chat. They truly go above and beyond in terms of customer support, offering the most responsible customer representatives in the business and offering multiple methods.

IAPS Security Services Review Conclusion

IAPS Security Services is easily one of the best VPN sevice providers for that are currently available. They have one of the largest server farms that are available to choose from, and each server is hooked up to a 1000 MBPS node, which means that they are going to be an excellent option for those that are looking to stream content online. In all, I would recommend IAPS Security Services to newbies and veterans of VPN usage alike as they provide an excellent service that truly is unmatched by a large majority of other companies within the industry. If you are looking for a reliable provider of high speed, reliable VPN services, IAPS Security Services is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

10 thoughts on “IAPS Security Services Review

  1. I have to agree with all the reviews on this site. IAPS is a scam site. Tyler takes your money and doesn’t provide the service he advertises. He’ll set up the VPN initially but when it goes down, and it will go down he’ll ignore you and won’t fix the vpn. Stay clear of this pathetic business

  2. IAPS VPN is a massive scam. Jared Twyler is an arrogant asshole and his customer service is a joke. Once he has your money, he will ignore you.

  3. i have same experience with JaredTwylerSux

    I rarely put in review experience but i think i should do this time to public hopefully someone beware and think twice to buy this vpn

    First time when using iaps vpn about 1 month period in early 2015 the line quality actually very good but i decided do not continue to subscribe.

    Recently i made up my mind to continue using the vpn but this time the client software already change to diffrent way login in type instead of username/pass which is working well before.

    Trying to contact support the story same as below reviewer experience i dont need to describe anymore

    At bottom line i am lucky just pay 1 month price instead of yearly

    My point is the owner of iaps dont deserve to giving all around people the service with this kind of behavior,and selft entitlement to being whatever he like to do(late reply,1 word response,no reply,ignore,) its not for running the business.

  4. I totally agree with John and Jaredtwylersux , I had the same experience with IAPS.
    Arrogant, no response to open tickets, interrupted service while my other vpn works , completly scam……
    Good luck .

  5. I agree that this IAPS/intl-alliance.com is nothing but a scam. Most of their servers don’t work, you never get any customer service and they basically sell you a service they don’t provide. Stay away from it. They’ll just rip you off. Complete and total scam.

  6. +1 to the reviewer below. I started using IAPS services about a year ago – whenever I had customer support issues Jared was very condescending and very slow to respond to me. Around the beginning of this year I couldn’t connect – after trying to contact Jared for about a week he finally responded very sarcastic and rude. Since then my connection has been disconnecting repeatedly to the point where it was unusable. All my other VPN connections were fine. When I asked Jared about it he gave me one word responses. The guy is a condescending prick and I would advise everyone to avoid using his services.

  7. IAPS is without a doubt, the biggest rip-off in all of the VPN market.  Aside from being the most expensive, (even with software which never works), they are the rudest, most arrogant people around.  You place your order and the owner will fill it whenever HE decides to get around to it.  I spent over $800 there in the month of April and weeks later, I STILL hadn’t received what I ordered.  Emailing for help does absolutely no good as he takes his sweet time responding (if he responds at all).  He outright lies and makes false promises saying how your servers will be fixed, but nothing ever comes of it.  This company is without question, the WORST, most shoddily run, rude, discourteous company you will ever encounter.  And get this – You are assigned servers which are SUPPOSEDLY from other exotic countries.  However, they, in actuality, all come from exactly the same location.  Save your money and just buy Hide My Ass instead.   Don’t let this guys impressive list of countries fool you – because 80% of them don’t work in the first place….and never will.

  8. I couldn’t ask for a better possible security provider. IAPS Security Services has it all:
    OpenVPN from nearly every country on earth: http://www.intl-alliance.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1
    Secured email services: http://www.intl-alliance.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=133
    OpenVPN Combination Packages: http://www.intl-alliance.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=144
    my personal favorite: encrypted voice, video, and chat services:

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