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A simple google search of the most popular VPN Providers yields hundreds of results. While you would recognize most of these companies, one is not always sure of how well they serve and what packages are offered.

One name that may not pop up when you search for VPN Services on search engines is Hideway VPN. An extremely catchy and relevant name, yet a very mellow presence is what characterizes Hideway. I have tried my fair share of VPN services. Being a compulsive internet user, there is no activity that I perform until I am sure my information and personal details are being routed via a secure virtual private network.

Therefore, Hideway’s hardly-there presence was a surprise, especially because the company has been around since 2009 but not many know about it. Perhaps it’s the very basic, no frills attached service they offer. In a way, such a limited scope of service is actually appealing because the company’s efforts are solely directed towards concealing identities and providing safe browsing experience. Below is a detailed analysis of Hideway VPN.

Server Locations

Hidaway has very limited reach and scope. Its servers are only located in Austria. For a company that has been around for a number of years, this comes as a surprise. Moreover, with such a small server base, how does Hideway deal with internet traffic and downtime? What happens when the single location servers crash?

These are questions that the company representatives can answer best; however, they do boggle your mind. One positive that I did find nonetheless, is that Hideway works with multiple applications like Torrent, Emule and Usenet. Therefore, if your regular VPN Service doesn’t let you use torrent anonymously, you know where to come!

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Hideway is known among P2P enthusiasts. With above average speeds and compatibility with these applications, it does offer something apart that is apart from others. Hence, with Hideway, not only can you now use Torrent and other peer to peer applications anonymously, the unlimited bandwidth plan lets you download as many shows, videos, images and data you want.

Unmetered bandwidth is a plus with torrent because otherwise the download limit is up within minutes with this application.

IP and Protocols

Hideway makes use of OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP Protocols. Therefore, in this category it has a definite advantage because a number of top tier VPN Providers have very limited selection of protocols. These various protocols come in handy when users connect to public applications like Torrent because they ensure maximum safety and anonymity.

VPN packages with Hideway make use of Shared and Dynamic IPs. Hence, if you want a dedicated IP to be assigned solely to you, Hideway will not accommodate you. Nonetheless, depending on your need you can select whichever Protocol suits you best.

Privacy Settings

Hideway prides itself for transparent and 100% guaranteed privacy with its strong encryption code. The company does not store activity logs and also ensures that customer data is kept safe and away from intruders at all times. A top of the line feature is its vigilant security against public Wi-Fi and hotspots. Every time a user is connected to one such device, Hideway’s VPN springs into action.

Systems Compatibility

Hideway is one of the best VPN Providers around in terms of system compatibility. Once installed, it works easily on Window Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac, iPod Touch, Android devices, iPhone and iPad. Therefore, this is one area where Hideway gets a high ranking.

With such friendly compatibility, Hideway VPN can be used in tablets, Smartphones, laptops, desktops and notebooks easily. The simple user interface is installed and up and running within minutes. To make installation and browsing even easier, Mac OS X app, Windows app, Android app, iOS app and IPV6 support are also available.

Customer Support

Customer Support at Hideway is limited. Users can contact customer representatives only via an email based ticketing system. Hence, if you have a problem with your VPN, you need quite a lot of patience and perseverance!

Even though this system is responsive and queries are answered on a regular basis, popular options such as live chat and Skype should be added to come at par with other premium VPN Providers.

Pricing Options

There are a variety of packages offered at Hideway. A 10GB bandwidth package starts at $9.16 per month while the 50GB plan costs $15.17 per month and finally the unlimited bandwidth package has a monthly subscription of $26.15.

Hideway is perhaps one of the only VPN Providers that offer subscription coupons to help users save money. Another option is the long term data plan that can be subscribed to in one payment.

Final Verdict

Hideway is a decent VPN service. Instead of sounding like a multinational company, you can think of it as a small neighborhood provider that is friendly and doesn’t mind giving you your money back only to have you smile with satisfaction!

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  1. Be aware that there is another Hideaway (or perhaps this one has been bought out) by Firetrust, the makers of Mailwasher. It is an entirely different animal from this product. Check out Firetrust’s web site for more information.
    I have no affiliation with Firetrust but I am a long time user of Mailwasher and just want to ensure people are not confused by this review.

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