Hideman Review

Hideman VPN is a VPN provider brought to you by Hideman Ltd, which is a company that is based in London and was originally established in 2011 that grants you access to servers that are currently located in 20 countries, and continues to grow rapidly. They are most known for their Android application which has risen rapidly in popularity. They have continued to add on to their applications by offering versions for Windows, Android, MacOS X and iOS. They have continued to rapidly grow their platform and bring in new users with their ability to allow users to hide their IP, encrypt user browsing data, and surf without any kind of limitations. This is one of the many reasons why Hideman has continued to grow as a VPN provider, surpassing many longstanding companies in popularity during their short life span.

Installation and Configuration

Hideman offers a simple and straightforward installation and configuration. It protects data and privacy all the way up to 256 bit encryption when most providers only provide you with 128 bit encryption through the OpenVPN protocol. This service is excellent at helping to protect users with almost any online uses in which they are partaking. They offer their own application which must be downloaded and installed, but is relatively simple. They do not offer any plans or guides on their website to help you through the process if you were to run into any problems, which can be an issue for users that have never used a VPN service before. Luckily, the installation and configuration is straightforward enough that most users have relatively few problems. If you do run into problems, they should be relatively easy to sort out with a simple support ticket, although documentation that was readily available prior to subscribing would be nice.


Subscription Cost

Hideman has a number of plans that are available to users. For individuals that are looking for a plan that allows them to access the VPN through both PC and mobile premium plans, they offer the Hideman PC+Mobile premium plan which is available for $9 per month on a month to month basis. If you are willing to obligate to a longer term of service, you can receive great discounts as well. Hideman PC+Mobile premium plans are available for $15 for 2 months, $39 for 6 months and $69 for 1 year.


Hideman’s mobile plans are available for a great deal less. Their mobile only plans start at $2.90 per month, with 2 months running $4.90, 6 months running $13.90 and 1 year costing $24.90. If you plan on only using the VPN on your mobile device, these plans could save you a great deal of money in the long term.

Additionally, Hideman also offers a free trial account. This is available for 5 hours per week, and up to 2 gigabytes of traffic per month. This allows you to test out the service and make sure that ti is going to be to your liking. Also, the free trial account comes with most of the features that are provided to premium users so that you can gain a full understanding of what it is that you will be purchasing. The wide range of pricing options makes it easy for you to subscribe to the service for exactly how long you will require a VPN, and not spend additional money that does not need to be spent.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

Hideman places no limits on the speed or bandwidth that is used by their premium members. There are some minor restrictions for users that are using the free trial account. The speed of the premium servers is fast enough to stream HD movies, torrent or use P2P applications, download, or even run games online.

P2P activities are limited to servers in specific countries. The countries in which torrenting and peer 2 peer activities are allowed include the Netherlands, Russia, Panama, Ukraine, Sweden, Hong Kong, Moldova, and Turkey. Each server is quite quick when compared to competing services, which is one ofthe reasons why Hideman has been able to grow so rapidly in popularity over the course of the last few years.


Server Locations

Hideman offers servers in more than 20 different countries including some of the most popular locations such as the United States, Germany, Netherlandfs, Hong Kong, France, Canada and Russia among others. This is excellent for individuals that are looking to use a VPN to get around different GEOIP restrictions that are often placed on video content around the world. Hideman is excellent to get around these restrictions and access websites like Netflix or Hulu and open up the content that you otherwise would have been restricted from viewing.

The large number of different server locations also make Hideman an excellent consideration for professional uses as well. Being able to swiftly connect to servers in any of those countries at the click of a button makes them an attractive option compared to providers that do not give you the ability to specify which server you would like to connect to.

Customer Support

Hideman offers several different forms of customer support. For the most pressing issues you can get into contact with a representative through their live chat platform, and get your issues taken care of right away. You also should consider using their email support, which works through a ticket system, but does provide quick answers to pressing options by allowing you to determine how urgent your request is. The company also offers support through chat devices such as Jabber and Skype as well, making it easy for you to get any issue that you are having resolved quickly whenever you need it. The live chat system is not available 24/7, but only during business hours.

HideMan Review Conclusion

Hideman is an excellent provider for individuals that are looking for a wide range of different servers that they can connect to with the click of a button. Hideman’s servers are located in 20 different countries, which makes it easy to get around the GEO IP restrictions that inhibit the browsing patterns of many of us.

In all, Hideman may not be the bread and butter of VPN services, but they are more than worth it for the price. As one of the largest VPN providers around, it is surprising that Hideman is able to provide such responsive customer support, which is truly where they stand out from the competition.

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