HideIPVPN Review

HideIPVPN is not that well known when it comes to VPN service providers but it has some cool features that separate the company from other VPNs out there. This VPN company was rated 76/100 and it is surely not the cheapest in the industry and they do not have the most number of IP address but they also have their own strengths that they consider their asset.

Their basic features include a selection of VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN with prince range that starts from $6 to $10 a month. Their servers are located in US, UK, CA, NL and DE. Their VPN service is compatible with major internet ready mobile devices and computers and works with most operating systems.

These features can be found in other VPN providers but there are some services that are exceptionally available in HideIPVPN. One of these customer-friendly services is the free server switching and if you are going to subscribe to their service for 6 and 12 months contract, you would be given discounts on their price. Their package includes a selection of VPN protocols and P2P is allowed.

To maintain ultimate anonymity of their subscribers, they do not keep server logs. One of the best services that they offer is the unlimited bandwidth that allows you to surf the internet, download or upload all you want and anytime you want to. Just imagine unblocking Netflix from you iPad and watching all the movies you want!

unblock netflix ipad

The HideIPVPN Advantage

HideIPVPN provides a free 3 hour trial account to prospective customers who want to try out the service before actually signing up to a package. Each package includes a proxy which is the main selling point of HideIPVPN. Having a proxy means you can effectively hide your IP address at work and school or when using your mobile device which can’t install VPN.

Using a proxy doesn’t require any installation so you can remain anonymous while surfing the internet even in public access points and public computers. You can effectively unblock sites with it and it is already included in every HideIPVPN package. If you subscribe to a year, you only pay $4.50 a month with 100 free accounts every month.

Some Considerations

The P2P is limited to NL and DE servers and are not available in other packages. There is no money back guarantee and since there is limited server availability, the accounts become limited. SSTP or IKEv2 protocols are not available but they still have strong features and if you are going to choose this VPN provider, it can still qualify as a wise decision. To check out their services, simply visit their website.

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