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Online gaming is big these days as more and more users are getting hooked to the digital gaming world. There are basically thousands of online games to play on the internet. Unfortunately, not all games are available for everybody. Some popular games are geographically restricted – meaning, only gamers with an IP address that matches the game provider’s provisions are allowed to join or play the game.

Fortunately, one tool can bypass any restriction imposed by game providers or the internet as a whole. We’re talking about Hamachi VPN. This VPN provider does not only have the capabilities of bypassing geographic restrictions, but it also allows secure and private connections.

But is Hamachi really the best choice for unblocking online games and getting the most out of a VPN service? Here is a short review of this VPN service.

Hamachi Setup


LogMeIn, which was established in 2002, offers a secure way of accessing the world wide web. The Hamachi VPN is also one of the most reliable VPN services in the entire VPN market. But why is it even significant to use VPN for online gaming?

If you are playing from another part of the world, then you will certainly deal with lag, latency and packet losses – and even if you are just playing in a LAN setup, there will still be these connection issues. With a VPN though, you can make your connections more stable for better gaming experience. And Hamachi does that pretty good.

Hamachi isn’t a typical VPN service. It works by connecting to LogMeIn’s servers. After installing the Hamachi program, you simply need to login to establish a heavily encrypted network. With a 256-bit SSL encryption, you can be assured of secured communications over public or private networks.

With Hamachi, you can access your networks remotely. You can even create your own hub-and-spoke, mesh or gateway networks. It can manage up to 256 members per network. That’s pretty impressive – other VPN services just don’t have such feature or capability.

Hamachi Pricing Details

Hamachi’s VPN-on-Demand service is available for free and on a premium subscription. The free version is ideal for those who need secured access to a smaller network. The free version will already suffice for personal use.

If you need support for a business-type network, then opt for the paid version which starts at $29 per network. The standard network subscription can only manage up to 32 members. If you need support for 256 members per network, you may want to consider the Premium network subscription which costs $199 per network. For a Multi-network type, you will have to pay a subscription fee of $199.00.

Hamachi Customer Support

Hamachi provides a variety of customer support systems. The company also has a Knowledge Base that offers answers or solutions to common issues. For both sales and technical related concerns, you may submit a help ticket. Also provided are the international contact details for all concerns.

Hamachi Review Conclusion

Hamachi basically provides a secured way of connecting to the internet. If you are concerned about sending large files that contains sensitive information, or you simply want to get the best online gaming experience, then you can turn to Hamachi. It is certainly one of the best options for unblocking online games and securing an entire network.

5 thoughts on “Hamachi Review

  1. It’s a decent program, although it’s compatibility makes it so that friends with newer Windows OS systems cannot use this program. l recommend Radmin VPN Were it be gameing, communication or a range of other things the of is perfect for gaming http://www.radmin-vpn.com/

  2. This was a really lame review. It failed to describe what limitations the “free” hamachi account has, or if it’s eveven possible to create a truly free account. When I tried the only option available was a “Pro subscription” trial. I believe hamachi originally started out with a truly free service but then “bait & switched” over to this “force ’em to sign up for a Pro trial”, then hold them hostage until they pay t oplay.

  3. Wish I could one star this bitch. Hamachi is a piece of shit for Windows 7. Disabled firewall. Tunneling issue. Friend disabled firewall Tunneling issue. Tried to install driver… digital signing issue. Manually installed driver, issue resolved still tunneling issue. Spent an hour doing this… Thanks for the support Hamachi shouldn’t have to install a windows update, mess with services.msc, and have to uninstall/reinstall and reboot several times to attempt to fix your fucking issue.

  4. In addition to logmein hamachi VPN, you may try on premise R-HUB remote support servers for remotely accessing computers from anywhere anytime. It works from behind your corporate firewall; hence better security.

  5. Hello, I would like to know opinions / experiences from Hamachi users and the advantages and disadvantages compared to other VPN payment.
    Why use a VPN payment having Hamachi free ?? That’s the question.
    Greetings and Thanks in advance.

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