GTS VPN Review

How many applications can you run on your iPad right now? Are all your favorite ones geographically restricted? Or are programs like Skype and websites like YouTube blocked in your country? No doubt, censorships and political blockades can take away the fun and freedom of browsing on the internet.

However, unauthorized spying and cyber crimes have become so rampant today that many countries and institutions have restricted the use and reach of their websites and content. And when it’s not someone trying to hack into your computer, it is one of those frustrating blockades mentioned previously that make it impossible for you to view your favorite online shows. In such a situation, use of a VPN becomes imperative.

Needless to say, the internet was developed with the aim to provide unlimited access and control to all- something you can achieve easily with the use of a quality VPN. Therefore, even if you deny the utility of VPN, it stares you in the face with unlimited features and benefits. For this reason, the VPN market has hundreds of providers that offer attractive bundles and packages for the masses.

From these hundreds, GTS VPN stood out the most for me. Even before I tried the service, the fresh and ‘young’ persona of the brand spoke volumes for its quality. Established in 2005, GTS has steadily made room for itself in a saturated marketplace. It offers some of the most competitive packages and services. Let’s have a detailed look at its offering.

Server Location and Access

Based in the United Kingdom, GTS has multiple servers in 10 countries worldwide. These include, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Singapore, Australia. Even though it’s a relatively new player in the market, GTS seems to have done well in the last few years by extending its server base to Asia and United States.
However, unlike many other VPN Providers, the company does not allow unlimited server switching. Subscribers have to choose one specific country to reroute their internet traffic before paying for a subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

GTS VPN offers unmetered bandwidth. This means a user can download their favorite images and videos without worrying about reaching a limit. Moreover, the extensive server base is testimony to speedy connections no matter which country you subscribe to. High speeds make this connection worth purchasing to run applications like Skype and VoIP.

IPs and Protocols

Unfortunately, GTS only offers Shared Static IPs. For a company with 7 years of experience, this may seem odd and rather unbelievable. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of subscribing to GTS VPN because if your VPN needs demand a dedicated or dynamic IP, GTS VPN will fall short of this requirement.

The protocols used by GTS are OpenVPN, PPTP and SSL. While these are the most commonly used protocols, if you want SSTP or L2TP, GTS is not right for you because they are not supported by this provider.

System Support

GTS VPN works on all commonly used platforms. These include Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X and Linux. As soon as a user subscribes, the admin sends in the configurations for the system being used.

Good news? You can use the same VPN Provider for your mobile devices as well. Where other services are not compatible with iPhones and Android powered phones, GTS extends the same service on multiple handheld devices and tablets. It also has dedicated applications for each OS. Hence, GTS scores a full 10 out of 10 for me in this category.

Privacy Settings

Apart from the usual security settings, GTS keeps tabs on every public Wi-Fi and hotspot to make sure your personal information stays intact. With its 1024bit encryption, privacy settings are no worry at all.

Customer Support

To extend quality support to its users, GTS VPN has detailed FAQs on its website. However, that’s not all! The provider has a separate customer support website that is accessible to subscribers only. Here, users can punch in their queries and ask technicians any and every VPN related question.

From easy and quick download buttons to video tutorials, GTS makes customer convenience a top priority. Despite this, however, I can’t help but notice that there’s no live chat option on GTS’s website.

Pricing Options

For a mere $12, GTS VPN offers more features than any VPN service around. Apart from the monthly package, there is only one annual package for $120 and no quarterly or semi annual offers.

Final Verdict

GTS VPN falls short in the IP category. However, a few disappointments aside, this provider is actually one of the best ones around. If your priority is to have a pocket friendly VPN service with a bundle of features, you do not need to look further than GTS VPN.

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