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If online privacy is involved, all of us should be concerned about it. Data collecting tools / practices such as NSA’s PRISM is not just a major concern in the United States, but it is rather a global issue. Let’s face it – any government body has the capability of tapping primary communication links. If this is the case, then we should all be terrified for our privacy.

Many of us assume that the internet is a safe place where we can securely and privately connect to. But the truth is, there are a bunch of scary tales associated with the internet.

Now, if you think complete online anonymity is far from impossible, you are mistaken. There is one technology that is capable of bypassing every firewall or restriction that the government has.

Maintain the confidentiality of your private data by using a VPN service. Protect you internet activities wherever you are. Connect to a VPN network that provides global access. And when we talk about global protection from spying practices, can we rely on GlobalVPN?

Let’s take a look if GlobalVPN’s offer is sufficient enough to have complete control over your online data.

GlobalVPN Availability and Compatibility


We were expecting GlobalVPN to live up to its name – that it can be used anywhere you are, no matter what device you are using. Unfortunately, we learned that GlobalVPN lacks support for common security protocols. It only allows PPTP connections through shared dynamic IPs.

It also supports several operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Another advantage of using the service is that it is compatible with mobile platforms.

GlobalVPN has servers in the Netherlands, Russia and United States. It does not, however, discloses the actual number of servers.

GlobalVPN Pricing Details

GlobalVPN offers a limited free trial access through its Netherland server. Just like most VPN providers, GlobalVPN offer discounts on multi-month VPN plans.

For only 5.99 Euros, you can get a month of GlobalVPN access – 15.99 Euros for a quarterly account, 28.99 Euros for 6 months and 53.99 Euros for the annual subscription. Payments can be processed via Paypal and major credit cards.

We’re just no sure whether subscriptions come with any money back guarantee policy though. But I guess there aren’t any.

GlobalVPN Customer Support

The company provides detailed configuration instructions on its FAQ page. For further assistance, you may contact the support staff through email.

GlobalVPN Review Conclusion

GlobalVPN is hardly an international VPN service. The lack of support for common security platforms is a turnoff. Also, it seems to have a limited number of servers that puts its reliability in question. Can it even cater to all its customers’ needs? I sure hope so.

We expected too much from GlobalVPN, and here we are disappointed with it. Although, to be fair with GlobalVPN, it’s still a fairly new provider so I guess in due time, it will be able contend with top VPN service providers. Let’s wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Global VPN Review

  1. Hi, I subscribed to a one month subscription of Global VPN to bypass the geographic internet restrictions in China. The first two nights and two days of my subscription went well, the connection was fast and stable, I only had to re-click ‘connect’ every time I open my laptop. But on the third day the connection just went really slow, and it hasn’t recovered since (it’s been a few days since then). I can’t watch any videos, since it’s pretty much impossible to load any. And obviously since my subscription is a month I still want to use it. It’s pretty frustrating, are there any suggested solutions?
    Many thanks.

  2. How can I connect Global vpn using my android phone? Am stack coz it is not revelling servers,I want to try trial,if its fast I subscribe for 3 months,am fron Kenya

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