GizlenVPN Review

High speed anonymity feature is what most people look for in a VPN service. If it’s not fast, it’s not good enough. If it does not provide a high level of encryption, it’s still not good enough. VPN users and enthusiasts are becoming more meticulous in purchasing VPN access.

Founded in 2007, Turkish VPN provider Gizlen hopes to someday be recognized as among the top VPNs. We checked out the service and here are the things we learned about the company.

GizlenVPN Availability and Compatibility


One of the few things that make GizlenVPN very appealing is its wide selection of servers. The company has about more than 50 servers located in 20 countries. If you live or is near any of the server location, rest assured you would have better connections.

From its website, the server locations are as follows: Germany, Canada, United States, Finland, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Turkey. The service is ideal for bypassing geo-restricted websites like Hulu and Netflix, and it can also be used to unlock company / school firewalls that prevent access to popular websites (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

GizlenVPN works on most platforms (PCs and laptops, mobile devices and browsers). What’s disappointing is that its dedicated VPN client is only available for Windows. Other platforms need manual configurations to use the service.

What’s more disappointing is that configuration tutorials are only available in Turkish. It’s quite inconvenient for most users if you ask me. Though you can translate the setup guides using Google Translate, the translations are hardly even accurate.

GizlenVPN Pricing Details

There is a free trial account on offer – I guess this is good news to everyone. But then again, the trial access only lasts 15 minutes. So, it really doesn’t count as “free VPN access”. An hour would do it for me, but 15 minutes? I think you could barely test anything with that given time.

With regards to pricing plans, GizlenVPN offers two choices. Subscribers can either purchase an Unlimited Plan or a Metered VPN. For 10 Turkish Lira (about $5), users can already avail of the 10 GB per month limit VPN plan. If you need an unlimited monthly bandwidth, it will cost you 15 Turkish Lira (around $7.5).

Again, purchasing a VPN plan from the site is nerve wracking, since the site in in Turkish. The good thing though is that there is a 3-day money back guarantee.

GizlenVPN Customer Support

You may contact the support staff through email. You can also refer to the site’s VPN setup page if you need help configuring the service on your device. Just don’t forget to translate the instructions to English.

GizlenVPN Review Conclusion

The company offers a very good VPN service at affordable prices. But browsing through the site was an absolute pain. Gizlen needs to restructure its website in order to appeal to more customers.

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  1. Great information about gzlenvpn.. Does it work well in China though? I have been using Astrill vpn and I am planning to visit China again this September. I heard there is a on-going vpn ban in China so I am looking for options in case Astrill suddenly stops working in China.

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