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In the search for VPN Providers, GhostPath is a popular name. Initially I was only impressed with the relevancy of the name because if you could browse the internet as a ghost, there would be no worries about a hacker stealing your identity!

However, there is way more to GhostPath than just a fancy name. Established in 2012, the company entered the VPN market much later than most of its competitors, though at a time when VPN usage was skyrocketing. It was this time when markets beyond just the United States and United Kingdom were becoming aware of VPN and its advantages.

With the immense need to secure online businesses, and on a much lighter note, unlock content rich websites and forums like ABC, Hulu, BBC and Netflix, the demand for VPN services has gone up tremendously. No longer do you have to keep your original identity and face risks of being hacked, compromised on or even blackmailed into giving up valuable information.

With a company like GhostPath on the block, one can be assured of quality VPN services and packages that come with a plethora of features and add-ons. Based in Georgia, GhostPath has expanded throughout America and outside it in a very short period of time. Such an aggressive strategy has given it a strong customer base and brought it at par with VPN providers that have been around for a number of years.

A detailed review of GhostPath is given below to help you decide whether this service is for you or not. The following headings represent the criteria I have used to gauge the service and its provider.

Server Location & Access

In a span of a few months, GhostPath has rapidly expanded into 41 countries. It has 135 servers located in these countries that include: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Iceland, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Chile, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Panama, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Such a vast server base gives customers unbelievable speeds and minimum downtimes, thereby easily making GhostPath a top contender as a VPN Provider. What’s more? The company allows unlimited switching between servers for users who subscribe to their packages. Hence, no matter which country you live in, with a single subscription you can access content from the Americas, Europe and even Asia.

IP, Protocols & Privacy Settings

The GhostPath VPN service uses OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. OpenVPN is the best available protocol for open source software because it can be altered and manipulated to suit users’ needs.

Privacy Settings for GhostPath VPN are top notch. The company claims to hold no logs of its customer’s activities. The only logs stored by the provider are connection logs to improve connectivity and troubleshooting for better service. Moreover, from browsing sessions to calls to emails, GhostPath VPN encrypts each and every communication you have with 128 bit encryption.

Such high security is an asset when users are connected to public hotspots, something that has become a norm with teens and adults alike.

Speed & Bandwidth

There’s a reason why GhostPath is considered ideal for heavy activities like streaming videos, shows, plays, playing games and completing hundreds of file transfers. Unlimited bandwidth and downloads make this service the best one around for users who indulge in these activities. Coupled with an extraordinarily impressive server base, GhostPath ranks high in this category.

Systems Support

GhostPath is compatible with most known and commonly used software like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Because it supports both OpenVPN and PPTP, GhostPath is ideal for tablets, iPads and mobile devices with the latter and great for Windows laptops and desktops with the former.

An added feature also makes it compatible with a DD-WRT Router thereby making VPN available on gaming consoles and devices like Apple TV as well. All these advantages with a single GhostPAth VPN account!

Customer Support

Like every other premier VPN Provider, GhostPath offers excellent customer service. Representatives are available on live chat, email, ticketing system and via the telephone as well. Therefore, customer support is well rounded and definitely a strong point for the company.


Even though free trials are not part of the VPN Package, a 7 day money back guarantee is enough to satisfy a VPN critic like myself! With this offer you can easily test all aspects of the service, compare it to other VPNs and make an informed decision. GhostPath VPN subscription comes at $5 a week, $10 a month and $75 for one year.

Final Verdict on GhostPath!

With the analysis done above, GhostPath proves to be a reliable and trustworthy service, capable of satisfying user requirements and VPN needs. With a wide reach in multiple countries around the globe, it is definitely worth the subscription fee because the packages offer unlimited VPN at very competitive speeds and highly secure connections.

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4 thoughts on “GhostPath Review

  1. Bad experience; wouldn’t hold a VPN connection; support was nonexistent; when I cancelled via the GhostPath site; I was still billed later via Paypal. Of course, support would respond to me.

  2. Couldn’t get vpn to work outside of my home. Poor service response time, over 4 hours now and no response from e-mail… For phone, you need to leave a message. Also no response. Twitter contact takes you to porn pictures on the Ghostpath rep twitter site.

    Overall, a disappointment. I have requested a refund.

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