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In order for new VPN companies to compete with already-trusted VPN providers, they often offer free trial accounts for a limited time so that users can test out the service, and if they like it, they are more likely to recommend it to others. Thus, more people would get to discover the new VPN service provider.


In the case of FrootVPN, its initial strategy was to offer its services for free with no limitations, no restrictions and no expiration date. The company, however, admitted that it might start charging a fee if they can no longer handle the operating expenses and the means of expanding the said VPN service. So today, FrootVPN is already charging a small amount to those who are interested in using the VPN service.

FrootVPN Before It Became a Paid VPN Service

Upon launching, the service raised a few eyebrows over how the service was run. FrootVPN went as far as advertising the free VPN on The Pirate Bay (TPB) – the torrent giant even replaced its home page logo to promote the new VPN service. When TPB started advertising FrootVPN, VPN users, torrent downloaders and security experts weren’t really ecstatic about the said VPN service. FrootVPN is offering a completely free VPN service, which is why many doubt its reliability and the company’s true motives.

On Reddit for instance, many are questioning why anybody would offer a free service without getting anything in return? Why is FrootVPN being so generous? But the biggest question of all is why is TPB advertising a new VPN service that hasn’t proven its credibility yet?

Meanwhile, TorrentFreak contacted The Pirate Bay to inquire about the partnership with FrootVPN. According to TPB, FrootVPN is not a paid ad but rather a friendly promotion for some guys they know that are running the startup VPN service.

FrootVPN for their part told TorrentFreak that they are just a bunch of guys who support freedom of speech. Thanks to TPB, FrootVPN now has 100,000 users in less than a week.

“The word has spread rapidly and we thank all our promoters including TPB for supporting us. We got 100,000 users within a week, which we never expected. However, this does indicate that we will be forced to charge something for the service in order to maintain it,” FrootVPN says.

Unfortunately for those who are interested in using the service, the free trial phase is over. FrootVPN needed to start charging for its VPN services in order to accommodate their growing number of users. Early adopters are still able to use the VPN service for free though. But it is not known if early adopters are already given a grace period of time to upgrade to the paid version or if their use of the service is now very limited.

Here’s an overview of what FrootVPN is offering:

Availability and Compatibility

FrootVPN’s servers are located in Sweden and operate under Swedish law which it says offers high Internet privacy features for users’ safety. The Sweden server is intended for those who are still using the free version. For new subscribers, they can connect to the US server.

FrootVPN will work on almost any platform. The VPN service is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS and even on wireless routers that support VPN.

FrootVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP with a 2048-bit encryption. There are also no limitations on bandwidth usage as the servers are said to be connected to a 180Gbit backbone network. Torrents and P2P downloading activities are also allowed.

Customer Support

From only having one way of contacting support via email to providing a live chat feature, FrootVPN sure has gone a long way already. Surprisingly, both email and live chat support platforms are reliable and responses were quick.

Logging Policy

In terms of logging policy, FrootVPN said it does not keep any logs. The company promises truly anonymous service to ensure clients’ safety and privacy. No traffic logs, no IP addresses and no Internet habits are stored on the system.

Pricing Details

FrootVPN’s plans and packages are cheaper compared to its competition. For a month of FrootVPN accesses, interested subscribers can purchase a VPN plan for only $4.00. Multi-month subscription terms are also available to avail certain discounts. Three month of FrootVPN plan costs $10.00 and a year of FrootVPN plan only costs $35.00. All plans and packages are subjected to a 30 day money back guarantee.


The Verdict

FrootVPN surely made headlines when it was advertised as a free VPN service on The Pirate Bay months ago. But with its sudden success, and with hundreds of thousands of users already using it, FrootVPN had to begin charging for its services to sustain its operations. If FrootVPN stay true to their goal of offering cheap but reliable VPN connections, the VPN service could beat odds and become a reputed and trusted VPN service provider.

19 thoughts on “FrootVPN Review

  1. Their 30 day money back guarantee is a joke. I tried for months to get my money back through their customer support, after they were unable to provide their service (that’s too long of a story for this comment), and was ignored.

    I can’t speak in general but in my case their service was terrible, their up-time inconsistent, and their customer support non-existent. Luckily I only wasted $5 as I was just trying it out before committing for a longer plan.

    If you’re looking for a service with customer support this is NOT it.

  2. I have signed up with them 3 times now on the 3 mth plan and before that used the free version. I have never had a problem with logins and it has worked seconds after renewing my subscription.

  3. I’ve been using Froot since it was free. At first I used it sparingly for occasional downloads, but I find now I use it for troubleshooting local resources that should be accessible from the internet and to get around bad hops on the internet. The bandwidth available to me fat exceeds my own internet bandwidth, and the increase in ping is relatively low. There has been times I play WoW and forget to disconnect from the VPN. The hit on performance from Texas to Sweden to California is negligible compared to just Texas to California.

    I’ve had no issues with Time Warner Cable sending me notices while using Froot. I question if those who are having issues might not be binding all traffic through the VPN or something.

  4. I have been trying to use Froot VPN since August. The service has been very intermittent, and most of the time I cannot connect. My wifi shows that I am connected to one of their servers, but most days, I cannot get my browser to connect to the internet when I am connected to their servers. And when I can connect to the internet, the connection usually dies within a few minutes. I have tried everything that their support people have asked me to do, and nothing seems to work. I am fed up, and I want my money back, which they don’t seem to want to do.

  5. I signed up with Frootvpn for 3 months and it worked pretty good at first but then I started getting copyright violation notices form COX ISP and I got so many of them they turn off my connection like five times so far so now I am searching for a good, hopefully cheap VPN that provides full protection and automated kill switch etc. I wish Frootvpn would provide these services and I would renew with them but no luck so far.

  6. Well,my experience is good for now.After payment (one month plan) i got instant access to the service.All works gr8,for now.Only bad thing is that my connection speed is lover now.I have 35 megabit connection,after connecting to Frootvpn,i have 10 megabit.

  7. “30-day money-back guarantee” is FAKE. They do NOT make a refund if you are not satisfied!
    I’ve used their service for two days, experienced ~4-5 hours (out of 48) of downtime. So, uptime was just 90-92%. I asked them for refund (they had agreed) and sent them billing data they asked. Since that, they never answered to my emails nor sent me my money back. More than 10 days passed.
    Do NOT trust them.

    1. Hi Lightman, We had problems handling refunds recently, and also lagged behind on support. The payments have been resolved, and we’ve processed all previous payments. We’re currently catching up on support as fast as we can and we are very sorry for the huge inconvenience, we hope we haven’t completely lost all credibility. If you still experience any issues or have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] or you can simply contact us through our live chat support. Thank you.
      -FrootVPN’s Support Team

  8. I don’t know why there are some negative comments here about FrootVPN, I have used it free and been using it as paid for over a year now and I still have zero complaints, why is that? Hmm, well as long as it helps me roam around the web more freely, I’ll stick to it no matter what

  9. No matter what you do, DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE. It is a scam. I’ve read of people having fraudulent CC charges after buying. I can’t connect. It’s been 3 weeks, and only received 2 responses for IT assistance. Asked for a refund, and they conveniently don’t reply. YOU WILL BE SCAMMED, do not use. Terrible company and terrible people.

  10. This service is a joke. I tried using it and my IP did not get hidden at all. I tried to get a refund and am being ask tons of questions and want a screenshot as proof. They are very rude as well. After over an hour I was able to get my money refunded. Save your money and don’t go with FrootVPN.

  11. Well, I agree with the last comment before mine. I’ve had news of their being a free service last year so I’d say I’m one of those who’ve tried it. Somehow, the service is actually fair and I’m quite satisfied considering that it’s for free. When they started charging for the services (which I also understood, but of course, who doesn’t like not spending a dime?), I also registered since as far as I’ve researched, they’re one of the cheapest, I spend as much as only $4 a month. I don’t mean to promote. It’s just that I’m really proud that I’m satisfied until now with the service, for a very good price that suits my pocket. And so I want others to know how it is for me. I like torrenting movies, gaming and stuff, and even with any internet connection I get unlimited bandwidth. But more than that, when I’ve used it when I traveled abroad recently it’s still okay, when I connected to the public wifi of the place, I know I can surf freely and do my online activities like doing things related to banking. I can’t say I don’t want to try other services in the future. All I know is right now, it’s perhaps the best one for my needs, yet.

  12. Been using since free. Was a little unstable at first and slow however since I began purchasing the service, connection speed from the US and reliability have been great!

  13. I used Froot pretty sparingly in the past when downloading files from the pirate bay. I needed to get something for work through some… back channels, and found that Froot VPN had finally cut off my free access. I spoke to a co-worker who was a huge proponent of Molevad. After talking to him about pricing I figured I’d stick with FrootVPN just because I knew them. Since then I’ve been using it more and more (part of paying for it, I may as well use it) and find it to be a great service. I recently upgrade my home internet to 35/5 and I’m having routing issues to some websites I stream video from. On a whim I tried FrootVPN to see how it would do. I got the same 35/5 from their servers located in Los Angeles, and the Swedish servers were providing me with 25/4.

    For the price, it’s great. I don’t like using it for shadier stuff, but I feel safe when I have reason to do it. I haven’t had a reason to contact support until now though, so I’ll see how that goes. I started paying for the service on June 12th, 2015. I previously had a free account, and immediately after paying my account reflected it. Perhaps others with accounts not activating could be having an issue with PayPal.

    The reason I am contacted support is I’m recommending use of the LA server for a customer in Mexico so they can stream Netflix, Amazon, etc. and need to reach out for some information to connect via a DD-WRT router. $4 for a geographically US IP with unlimited bandwidth is an amazing deal I think.

  14. Purchased 1 month service from FrootVPN. Almost a whole day later and my account has yet to be activated. Contacted their stellar customer support to be told they will fix it. Hour later and I still have no access. Contacted again to ask how long before my account is active and all I got was “you’ll get an email when its ready”. This is FAR from good customer service. Will be reversing the charges in 2 hours if my account is still not active. TREAD WITH CAUTION!

  15. Froot VPN was not a bad service when it was completely free, and even when it was still free, I subscribed to it a month at a time as it was a service worth paying for. As a paid member, connections were faster and more reliable.

    Unfortunately, having paid a months subscription several months down the road and finding that my account had not been updated, I found out just how bad their customer service is…

    I messaged them explaining that I had paid but was still showing as a free member. I received an email back 6 hours later asking for my username. I replied with the info they asked for, and included things like the paypal transaction id. The following morning I received an email informing me that they are looking into the problem and that they would be in touch shortly. I never received a reply, even after asking 2 weeks later what was happening.
    I let that one drop as I was still able to connect freely.

    Last week I had an email saying that the free service was coming to an end, so I went on and paid for 3 months. Now I find myself unable to connect and my account status is showing as expired. Several messages to support have so far been ignored, so now I’m left with no options other than refund through paypal, and looking elsewhere for a vpn service.

    I would not recommend Froot due to sloppy customer service.

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