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EarthVPN is a relatively newer VPN Provider in the market. Debuting in year 2012, the company is based in Cyprus and offers a wide array of services other than just VPN. It is known for web hosting solutions, internet and voice communication and data management.

Everyone needs VPN services these days. From a teenager streaming video to a multinational corporation running offshore offices, a VPN has become necessary for every online activity. Therefore, reminding you of its importance is rather redundant. What you do need to know however, is the importance of choosing the best VPN provider in the market.

While EarthVPN may only be a year old, if it manages to conceal your identity and unmatched security, coupled with high speed, it is ‘the’ VPN service for you. In a time when spying is not only attributed to stalkers and hackers, but also identified with the NSA, a reliable VPN provider can make all the difference in securing your activities and business.

EarthVPN has been seen as extremely dedicated to privacy and low costs. Users (definitely including me!) who have experienced the service offered by EarthVPN say ‘it’s too good to be true.’ Well, is it? Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the company to make an informed decision.

Server Locations & Access

EarthVPN has more than 140 servers in 32 different locations worldwide. Counties that are covered by this service include; USA, Canada, France, Sweden, UK, Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Luxemburg, China, Belgium, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Brazil, Estonia, India, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Panama and Ukraine.

With one account you can unlock websites in all these server locations easily. Moreover, such a wide server base gives EarthVPN an edge over other providers in terms of speed, ease of access and absolute minimum downtime. Therefore, be it blocked social forums in the Middle East or locked up entertainment sites in Europe, everything is accessible with a single subscription of EarthVPN.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

EarthVPN speed test results have proven to be highly impressive. The company guarantees a 99.99% uptime with speeds up to 1GB and more. No doubt, such high quality performance is a result of multiple servers scattered across the globe.

EarthVPN subscribers get access to unlimited bandwidths. Therefore, there is no cap to the number and amount of downloads at a particular time. This makes the connection ideal for real time games, VoIP calls and heavy file transfers that need excellent speed to be completed without a glitch. Moreover, if you are one for Peer-to-Peer communication, using the servers in Canada, Panama, Luxembourg, Romania and Netherlands allows for this type of communication.

IPs, Protocols & Privacy Settings

EarthVPN uses OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP Protocols. If you choose a package with these protocols, the encryption provided is about 128-256 bits. However, if your security needs go above and beyond these combinations, the company also provides the SSTP Protocol with a stronger and tougher encryption of 2048 bits.

Such high powered coding is testimony to the company’s aim of securing all kinds of communications for a user. With the SSTP Protocol, your financial data and credit card information is always in good hands. To make public Wi-Fi secure and safe for usage, EarthVPN regulates all kinds of data flowing in and out of your account every time you connect to a public hotspot.

EarthVPN is also one of the few VPN providers around the world that explicitly agrees to keep no logs of user activities. Backed up by Cyprus laws and regulations, this makes the company definitely worth subscribing to.

System Support

System compatibility is a noteworthy strength for EarthVPN. It is compatible with all of the most commonly used operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android and Linux together with being operational on Smartphones, Tablets and devices like iPads. Moreover, EarthVPN can also secure other systems like gaming and entertainment consoles (Xbox, PS, Smart TV, Apple TV) because it can easily be connected to a DD-WRT Router. Therefore, you can use the same connection of more than one device simultaneously.

In terms of installation, EarthVPN also rates relatively high compared to other providers. It doesn’t need any complicated setups or add on software. Instead, a simple configuration of its proprietary software is all that is needed to kick start your VPN account.

Customer Support

Customer Support is one area where EarthVPN can improve. The Ticketing System is so far the only online help you get as a subscriber. And if there is a consistent problem with the VPN connection, customer service representatives can also help via Teamviewer.

Aside from this, the company website has detailed information on how to solve VPN problems and some blog articles that give good insight on the same topic.

Pricing Options

Perhaps the only reason I was ready to give EarthVPN a shot was the extremely reasonable prices. For a basic monthly subscription, users pay $4 ONLY for unlimited bandwidth and download! To take online security to the next level, the company also accepts anonymously payments for subscription accounts.

Is EarthVPN The Best Service?

EarthVPN is definitely worth a try. How a company delivers great speed, unlimited downloads, 140+ servers and excellent system support all for a mere $4 is way too intriguing for anyone to pass the opportunity to try the connection. Don’t you think so?

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One thought on “EarthVPN Review

  1. One point to take into account with EarthVPN is that they allow for only three concurrent connections IF they are all connecting from the same IP address. This is not much use if you want to use your smartphone over a ction provided by your cell company, and a connection on a work or home computer that runs through your terrestrial connection. It’s also no good if you have a family member wanting to use the connection at home, whilst you are using it from elsewhere.
    It may not be an issue for some people, but could prove to be a pain in the arse for many. Other providers are not so restricted. A typical restriction is you have to have all connections (typically 2 to 5 allowed) going to the same server, but not from the same originating IP address. Others allow for multiple devices (typically 2 to 5) without any restriction.

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