Drakker Review

Privacy breaches occur because most people are unaware of the great risks of having unsecured activities. Directly browsing the web without using any sort of privacy protection tool could cost you your personal data – some of which are sensitive information. Cybercrimes aren’t new these days. In fact, they are very much rampant already.

No matter how extremely cautious you are when surfing the internet, apparently safety is still not guaranteed. You can never be too cautious because hackers would eventually find ways to gain access to your system. Data breaches are definitely devastating– but with the right VPN service, you can have a perfect way of securing your entire network.

A VPN company that promises to deliver dependable VPN service is Drakker VPN. Quite an unusual name really – but then again, most VPN companies do have outrageous brandings (e.g. HideMyAss, CyberGhost, TunnelBear). This Gibraltar based company was established in 2009 and aims at becoming a top VPN brand.

Is online security possible with this VPN service? We have here an overview of Drakker’s VPN service.

Drakker Availability and Compatibility


Privacy breaches from unauthorized accesses is what gave birth to Drakker VPN. This VPN company acknowledges the need for secured networks so as to protect internet users’ identity and privacy.

Drakker uses an SSL 2048-bit encryption system to guarantee full internet privacy to users. When Drakker was still starting though, it used a data encryption level of 1024 bits. This VPN provider supports various IP types which include Shared/Dynamic IPs and Dedicated IP addresses.

Drakker processes data encryptions through OpenVPN only. The service will precisely work on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems. VPN setup is easy to install and use as well. Those who need a portable support can also use the service on their mobile devices.

The client app, however, is not applicable for other platforms; dedicated app is for Windows and Mac platforms only. Users will need to manually configure their mobile devices in order to use the service.

The service initially had servers in Gibraltar only. But upon realizing the great opportunities in some VPN markets, it then started deploying servers outside its country-base. It now have servers in Luxemburg and California, US. It does not, however, reveal the total number of servers available.

There seems to be no limitations whatsoever on either the speed or bandwidth. This makes the service ideal for all sorts of online activities such as video streaming, online gaming and even downloading large files.

It’s also worth mentioning that Drakker allows torrent downloading on some servers particularly on servers Pelican, Swan, Biggy and Endeavour. By the way, servers are named accordingly, which is quite interesting I suppose.

Drakker Pricing Details


As for the VPN packages, there’s a good news and a bad news. The bad news being Drakker only offers annual subscriptions. There are no monthly, quarterly or semi-annual VPN plan options. There is a free 1 week trial account for those who are looking to test out the service first.

Now for the good news. Even though Drakker only offer annual subscriptions, they are offering it for a bargain price. For the annual VPN service, you only need to pay 25 euros – that’s like 2 euros per month. Which is a steal if you ask me. Drakker is also gracious enough to provide a 30 day money back guarantee for customers that would be demanding refunds.

Drakker Customer Support

For any product related queries, software configuration problems, or any request relative to payment, customers may email the support team that is only available during business hours( 7×7). Resolutions are quite accurate quite frankly. But it would be better if they have a live chat option.

Drakker Review Conclusion

Drakker seems like a good VPN service. However, reality dictates that this VPN service has more cons than pros. It has rather a limited number of servers, it does not support major security protocols and it only offers a single VPN package. Add its limited tech support medium, Drakker clearly isn’t pleasing enough to subscribe to.

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