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When we learned about CryptoStorm we were a little sceptical to give the service a try. Their website looked a bit less professional and was quite overwhelming as it was text-heavy and had too much hidden information.

When you first come across CryptoStorm, you’ll probably have the same impressions as we did; confusing and interesting at the same time. What convinced us to write a review about CryptoStorm is that fact that it’s a VPN that works by using token authentications.

This could potentially be a revolutionary way of paying for and using a VPN service. Like we said earlier, it’s rather confusing and excruciatingly painstaking to really understand what the service is really all about.

But nevertheless, we will try our very best to explain how the service works in the simplest way possible. We will try to reveal the service in a less-technical matter as much as we could. So, here goes nothing.

CryptoStorm Brief Company Detail


First things first. CryptoStorm is still in beta phase. The service was just launched earlier this year by a company based in Canada. Interestingly, CryptoStorm is a revamped service of CryptoCloud, a subsidiary of Baneki Privacy Computing.

An anonymous spokesperson of CryptoStorm reveals that the company is not “owned” by a private party but rather it is being run by a number of security researchers.

The company even pledges to shut down when it is forced to reveal customer data to government sectors or to third parties as well.

CryptoStorm Availability and Compatibility

Currently, CryptoStorm will only work through the OpenVPN protocol. The company, however, offer some serious security features.

CryptoStorm relies on an underlying technology comprising a RSA-2048 asymmetric key encryption, CBC 256-bit AES encryption and SHA-512 hash authentication. CryptoStorm’s encryption system is one of the best in the industry; keeping subscribers protected from all kinds of data misuse.

As of this writing, CryptoStorm offer extremely limited servers. The company just offer servers in Germany, Iceland, and Canada. The lack of servers is understandable since the service is still in beta stage.

Basically, subscribers can unblock geo-restricted services from Germany, Iceland, or Canada. But if you’re looking to bypass restrictions from US or UK on-demand services, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until CryptoStorm establishes site access from the said locations. Or you can just use a more convenient VPN service.

The service will work on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and DD-WRT. There is a dedicated client for Windows but it is also in beta. In order to get things working on other operating systems, users will have to configure their devices manually as there is still no dedicated client offered by the company.

The forum guides are a little confusing for someone that is not technically inclined, but it be enough help and should work in setting up the service on various platforms.

CryptoStorm Pricing Details

What distinguishes CryptoStorm from other VPN players is its token based authentication system. What this basically means is that the company does not directly sell service subscriptions. Instead, the company allows you to buy ‘tokens’ that can be used to run the service for a certain amount of time.

Tokens costs $7 CAD per month or $64 CAD a year. CryptoStorm encourages users to use Bitcoins to buy tokens. But if you question the authenticity of Bitcoin, you can simply pay for tokens using Paypal. If you’re buying tokens with Bitcoin or any other types of cryptocurrencies, CryptoStorm is happy to offer you more discounted prices.

There are no free trials on offer at the moment and no money back guarantee policy either.

Since you are not directly buying from CryptoStorm, it could take a while to get notified for your purchase, meaning you’ll have to wait for an hour or two to receive your tokens.

CryptoStorm Customer Support

Need help with the service? The CryptoStorm forum offers a volume of documentation and tutorials on how to get the service working on various devices. Users may also email or PM via Twitter the support team for further assistance.

While it provides vast information that can be useful in troubleshooting common problems, this information tends to be too technical and could cause more confusion than solutions for non-technical people.

Again, the service is still in beta so it’s probably alright that the company does not offer other means of support service yet. Live chat option would probably come in the near future when the service becomes mainstream.

CryptoStorm Review Conclusion

Even in beta stage, the service still provided us with amazing performance and we would be happy to use it as our primary VPN service when it becomes an official release. But for those that are simply after a reliable VPN service that doesn’t come with a bunch of technical documentation, CryptoStorm may not be for you.

We recommend you look for something more user-friendly but can still provide high-quality VPN connections. Check out our list of VPNs.

We really like that it does not have any access to your data and IP address. To wrap things up, we’re looking forward to a more improved, more developed CryptoStorm service.

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