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Cloudnymous VPN Review

Based out of Moldova, Cloudnymous is a unique concept for VPN companies, and unlike any VPN services we have seen in recent times. In what is a cloud based service, Cloudnymous was launched in 2012, and can be considered as a completely anonymous VPN service provider that caters to customers who are looking for low budget VPN services. They also offer a standalone proxy service for customers who are simply looking to unblock websites. We will take a close look at this VPN service provider through this brief Cloudnymous VPN review.


Installation & Configuration

Cloudnymous has a proprietary VPN software for Windows, known as the Cloudnymous Connect. This platform is compatible with all versions of Windows, and is easy to install and configure. The platform is highly intuitive, and contains all the information regarding the servers, server pricing, server switching options, server load information and even a DNS leak-proof function for protecting your computer from revealing the true IP address in the event of VPN malfunction.

If you are, however, a Linux, Mac or mobile user, you will have to try the alternate manual VPN connection mode. Cloudnymous is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android, and you can find detailed tutorials on how to connect to a VPN on their website. We were expecting dedicated VPN apps for at least iOS and Android. As far as protocols are concerned, Cloudnymous supports OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP VPN protocols.

Subscription Cost

Cloudnymous is entirely unique in this aspect, as users can choose a cloud-based payment system. Instead of a fixed monthly fee, users will only have to pay for the servers or the amount of bandwidth that they use. For instance, the New Jersey server will cost $0.15/day, while the Amsterdam server costs $0.09 per GB. There are other US servers such as Seattle and New York that costs $4.25/month. You can use any number of VPN servers without any extra cost, and you only have to pay for the most expensive server used during that particular day.

This is highly beneficial for VPN users who are looking for cheap VPN services, and those with minimal VPN usage. This means that users will only have to pay for VPN services that they use. What this means is that there is no money back policy, but you can use a free German server for one hour per day. To use the paid VPN servers, you will have to buy credits, which start from $20. There is a progressive bonus system in place, which offers you the same percent of bonus as the credits you buy. Payments can be made through credit cards, bank wire transfer, PayPal, QIWI, purchase orders and check/cash.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Due to the nature of the servers, Cloudnymous can offer excellent speeds and bandwidth. For rented servers that cost per day, the bandwidth is unlimited, but for those who require cheaper services, it can cost anywhere between $0.09 and $0.14 per GB. During our speed tests, we were able to tap into 70 percent of the available ISP speed, and we were able to stream videos as well.

We have not faced any reliability issues, and we were not bothered due to the DNS leak-proof feature built into the Cloudnymous Connect interface. We believe that Cloudnymous has the ability to manage the server load and improve speeds by adding cloud based servers as and when the usage demands.

Server Locations

Cloudnymous has cloud-based VPN servers in 10 countries and currently runs 18 servers. The server locations include one server each in France, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Sweden; one free server in Germany, two servers each in Netherlands, Canada, UK; and six servers in the US. Users have the option of switching between any servers at any time, and they can do this without any fees. All they have to do is pay for the most expensive server used during the day.

Customer Support

Cloudnymous is oriented towards budget VPN users, and hence, a lot is left to be desired in the customer support section. You can contact the customer service department either through email or through web form. There isn’t any live chat function or a direct phone-in number. That said, the customer service team is responsive, and highly helpful in case you need assistance. There is also a detailed tutorial and FAQ section to help get you connected to a VPN.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

In this regard, Cloudnymous scores full points owing to their cloud based server infrastructure. There is absolutely no data logging or data retention policy, and Cloudnymous is unaware of what the users do on their servers. P2P traffic is also allowed on their server network, except the US and UK servers. Cloudnymous can be considered as a completely anonymous VPN service provider.

Discount Codes & Coupons

Currently, there is a progressive bonus feature that provides the same percentage bonus as the credits you buy. You can earn up to 100 percentage bonus under this scheme. Visit the Cloudnymous website for more information.

Review Conclusion

Cloudnymous VPN is an excellent choice of VPN for the budget conscious user, who prefers to pay only when they use a VPN. Being completely anonymous, Cloudnymous offers great value for money, along with their progressive bonus offers, which makes Cloudnymous an attractive proposition for mainstream VPN users.