BTGuard VPN Review

There is so much going on in the internet community which all seem to be moving in one direction: data security and privacy. Government agencies around the globe are keeping up with the rising concerns of their people. Several actions were seen coming from the authorities such as website restrictions, strict internet regulations and even breaching privacy as secret units are monitoring online activities without the account holders’ consent.

In the midst of all these events, VPN services were developed in order to bring back the smooth flow of communication and information sharing within the network. There are several free proxy servers but one of the paid products is BTGuard VPN. The reviews on the product are really good but those who have not yet tried the service are having doubts if it is really worth the cost.

BTGuard facts to be considered

In general, VPN works using the tunneling method where protocols are to encrypt every data traveling through the tunnel. BTGuard VPN was actually started due to the obvious need for privacy and protection of all torrent users. There are users who are experiencing restrictions from torrent sites while there are also those who are concerned with being watched by a third party of the network, it could be a team from the government trying to snoop around people who are practicing piracy or it could also be a group of cyber criminals who are eager to attack when an opportunity opens.

BTGuard VPN founder was quick to answer the client’s concern on their privacy once the service is contracted saying that BTGuard will only keep password, username and client’s email address. Although it is a common practice to store IP address, BTGuard founder explained that doing so is against their company’s privacy rules. The servers in Canada for BTGuard VPN located will have no problem with handling traffic across the globe.

So is it worth it?

Now comes the question of the worth of VPN services as customers will have to make monthly payments to service providers such as Hide My Ass!. VPN services will not only support activities on peer-to-peer file sharing sites but users are given an unlimited access to internet services through IP address switching. Counting what every customer is receiving such as protection, an option to become anonymous online and great downloading speed, the cost will not be too hard to consider in one’s monthly budget.

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