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There are two types of VPN service providers; the first type develops a large VPN service enriched with a full set of VPN features aimed at catering to the widest set of VPN users for maximum profit, and the other type starts out with a VPN service as a pet project for personal or limited commercial use.

BolehVPN ( is more of a pet project initially launched by people who wanted to enjoy complete internet freedom.

When it was launched in 2007, it was designed to bypass various internet restrictions put forward by the local ISP, but gradually, the small company from Malaysia grew to a fully-fledged VPN company that is now both respected and adored in the VPN community.

bolehvpn website

BolehVPN’s passion for VPN and the concept of ‘Total Internet Freedom’ is clearly evident from their work ethics and customer centric approach. At BolehVPN, customer satisfaction is a priority.

Instead of concentrating on getting on the good books of VPN review agencies to receive rave reviews, they have taken it upon themselves to interact with the customer and constantly improve the services to cater to the different requirements of the user. This is certainly something that describes the dedication and intent of a VPN company that aims to be a top VPN service provider.

BolehVPN has made it very easy for the customers to choose their services. Instead of confusing the users with a wide set of features and subscription packages, they have offered a single subscription package with the most essential VPN services and features that relates to the actual VPN user. When it comes to VPN, you can expect the usual set of features that will help you stay anonymous online, browse the web through secure servers and access blocked content.

There are lots of advantages to subscribing to BolehVPN, chief among which is their ‘No-Log’ policy. They are pretty serious about user confidentiality, and strictly follow the regime of not logging any user-related information.

This is also evident from their proxied VPN services that aim at offering dedicated VPN services for P2P users. Together with an excellent customer service channel, BolehVPN is one good choice of VPN for a large number of VPN users around the globe.

In this comprehensive BolehVPN review, we aim to find out what makes BolehVPN popular among their customers, and why this small start-up has gone on to become one of the truly successful VPN service providers in the industry.

Installation & Configuration

BolehVPN offers the BolehVPN GUI interface, which is basically a VPN platform for Windows desktop and laptop applications. The GUI works brilliantly and is designed with the user in mind. It is simple, easy to install and easy to use.

All you have to do is download the executable file from their server and install it on your computer. Upon installation, you will be required to submit login information, which can be obtained after subscribing to BolehVPN and making payment. There are no major surprises here.

Manual connection is also possible, but it would be advisable to follow the VPN software route, as it will be less intrusive, simple and more effective. You will be able to choose and tweak a number of different parameters within the platform dashboard, which makes life easy when it comes to complete online anonymity.

Boleh offers different services and different features that are aimed at different types of VPN users. For example, you can choose between full-feature VPN, proxied servers, SeedBox hosting, game hosting and VOIP, all of which are readily available from the platform drop-down menu.

Boleh VPN supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS, although, it has to be mentioned that BolehVPN works best with the windows platforms due to the BolehVPN GUI. There is also a dedicated VPN dialer for Mac, but Linux users will have to follow the manual setup option.

BolehVPN also offers excellent mobile device compatibility, but the downside is that there are no dedicated VPN apps for either the iOS or Android. This is actually a drawback, as most VPN service providers offer a dedicated VPN app for mobile devices. That said, however, there are plans for mobile VPN apps in the future, and the company is looking to develop an interface that will reflect and complement the utilitarian aspect of their current GUI VPN application.

But the manual set up option for Linux and mobile devices doesn’t appear inconvenient due to the excellent customer support channel, which will help you with the setup process and lets you troubleshoot any problem that might occur during the manual VPN set up process. There are detailed tutorials and setup guides as well that can be referred to while performing a manual setup or for installing the VPN dialer.

As far as the VPN protocols go, the main protocols on offer are the OpenVPN and L2TP security protocols. The L2TP protocol is more of an afterthought for those who can’t run OpenVPN on their devices. The limited number of VPN protocols on offer gives less room for the users, but if you are just an average VPN user, with not too advanced VPN needs, these protocols will be more than sufficient for your requirements.

BolehVPN Windows Platform

Subscription Cost

When it comes to subscription, BolehVPN should receive credits for offering a beautifully priced single subscription package that offers all the premium VPN features as standard. We are not a fan of VPN service providers confusing us with differently priced packages and subscription plans that will leave us confused. We want a VPN and we need most of the basic services that will help us browse the web anonymously and access blocked content.

BolehVPN clearly understands this concept of simplifying for the user, which is why they offer their bundled services package for as low as $7.16 per month. Now that isn’t what you would like to call entirely cheap or economical, but it is actually at par with the nominal or average subscription cost for a full-feature VPN service provider.

If you are looking for a VPN company that offers the cheapest rates, there are options, but if you are looking for something that works, and a company that is dedicated to offering you the best VPN services by constantly listening to you, then BolehVPN offers one of the most attractively priced VPN subscription packages in the industry.

Coming to the free trial or refund policy, BolehVPN has been a bit conservative in their approach. You cannot enjoy free services or check out the service freely before subscribing, and that is unless you ask. There is a single day’s worth of free trial, but you have to ask the customer support for this free account and state your intended use of VPN. We feel that this is a bit intrusive into the privacy of the user. There are however two paid trial packages available for 3 and 7 days which can cost you $2 and $3.7 respectively.

Paying for a trial period is not something that we approve of, which puts BolehVPN in bad light. We are also not a fan of BolehVPN offering a conditional free trial for a single day that requires the user to share their intentions or reason for using the free trial.

Regular full subscription packages start at $10.50 per month and goes all the way up to $85.00 for a year. Subscription packages are also available for 60 days, 125 days and 180 days, which costs $17.00, $34.00 and $46.00 respectively. As we mentioned, the pricing is spot-on and entirely relevant to the competition.

There are multiple payment methods, and in what would be a first for all VPN service providers, there needn’t be any match between the name you sign up for and the payment mode. You can pay via PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, BitCoin, Liberty Reserve, and bank wire transfers. You only need to have a valid email address and a valid payment gateway to subscribe to their service. Anonymity is certainly a strong suite for BolehVPN.

BolehVPN Price

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Now, we have to be honest here. We were quite apprehensive when we found out that BolehVPN had only a few servers based in a few countries across the globe. A lower number of servers usually meant lower speeds, and when it comes to a small company with very limited resources, we were quite unsure about the speeds that we could achieve.

But we were in for a surprise. Our acceptable levels in terms of browsing speeds from VPN service providers over a VPN connection is always between 40-70% of the available ISP speed. We can only realistically expect to achieve up to 70% of the available browsing speed. We have achieved more than 90% on occasions with other VPN service providers, but the range always stayed in between 40% and 60% on average.

BolehVPN on the other hand, gave us close to 95% of the available ISP speed, and consistently gave us somewhere in between 65% – 85% over a period of time. We believe this is the reason why BolehVPN has become immensely popular with the P2P and video streaming users.

Couple this amazing browsing speed with an unlimited bandwidth option, and you get the picture. Great browsing speed and unmetered bandwidth is a sure-fire way of success within the VPN community, and we believe BolehVPN will prove to be a big player in the coming years.

We never really faced any reliability issues as such, and we believe BolehVPN is doing a good job in traffic and server rerouting. We were able to browse the web normally and perform downloads and uploads seamlessly.

Server Locations

We could not find an exact number of servers available for BolehVPN, but they do have a wide presence globally. Current network of servers include countries like Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States Of America.

We would have had reasons to worry about the server locations if we faced any speed issues, but as of now, we are satisfied with the browsing speed on offer, and any increase in the number of servers will only be a good thing.

BolehVPN Servers

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

BolehVPN are pretty explicit about their “No Data Log” policy. They keep their user information servers separate from their VPN servers, so that no amount of information transfer can take place at this level. Apart from the user session logs that describe only the date and time stamp, no user related information or traffic data is stored by BolehVPN. This makes BolehVPN one of the most trusted, secure and anonymous VPN service providers in the world.

But illegal activities, malpractices or scams are frowned upon. Understandably, if BolehVPN receives intimation from a court or from investigative authorities, BolehVPN commences a data logging period to determine the user activity. If BolehVPN’s internal investigations find out any instances of illegal activities, only then will they take necessary action.

If they find all to be well and clear, they will instantly delete the recorded activity and let the user know about the intimation from the investigative authorities, cooperating completely with their subscriber to help them avoid future legal hassles. Unless compelled to by a court, BolehVPN will not initiate data logging procedures.

Customer Support

BolehVPN is home to the best customer support in the VPN industry. The founders of the company themselves come to the rescue of their subscribers for troubleshooting. BolehVPN gives proper care to their customers, and is clearly interested in what their users have to say.

They are honest and diligent enough to put the customer as the priority, which is something that other mainstream VPN service providers need to learn. BolehVPN customer service representatives never hesitate to help out their users, which is something that clearly reflects the professionalism and dedication of the company.

We would very much like BolehVPN to carry this trend forward, and put the customer as the center of focus, rather than concentrating on reviews and ratings. It is now time to see how the company reacts to increased success and how they can handle an increased number of VPN user subscriptions for customer support.

Issues & Problems

There are a couple of drawbacks for BolehVPN. First of all, there is no free trial, and paying for a trial period is something that we can’t really agree with. Even though the company offers a free trial upon request for special customers, we feel that a free trial clause is mandatory for all VPN service providers.

Secondly, BolehVPN only concentrates on OpenVPN and L2TP just seems like an afterthought. There are lots of different security protocols and higher encryption levels that can help them cater to a larger number of VPN users. We are hopeful that the company responds to this oversight and comes up with more options for protocols in the near future.

We have also heard about BolehVPN connectivity issues that lead to the revealing of the original IP address. While we haven’t personally experienced this issue and so far we have enjoyed great reliability, it is still an issue if users are experiencing this. We contacted BolehVPN on this matter, and they have assured us that this has been rectified. They now use a special cloaking feature to mask the OpenVPN connection, which helps during times where a drop in connection is detected, thereby helping the user hide their IP address.

BolehVPN Review Conclusion

BolehVPN continues to set the standards in terms of speed, bandwidth, online anonymity, security, customer satisfaction, and more importantly, complete user anonymity. With the current set of resources and services, BolehVPN has managed to capture a large number of satisfied users, and with an increase in resources, we believe

BolehVPN can achieve more. For a subscription fee of $7.16, we believe BolehVPN is a complete value-for-money proposition, although, we would like BolehVPN to concentrate more on offering free trials, increasing the number of VPN protocols and improving their server network.

Discount & Coupon Codes

Apart from the regular discounts on offer for the bulk subscription packages, there are no offers from BolehVPN as of now.

22 thoughts on “BolehVPN Review

  1. I’ve been using Boleh VPN for almost 5 years and I can honestly tell you it never let me down.
    Customer Service? Like FRIENDS! And I mean it!
    They were there for me with every little issue that I had even if many times was because I didn’t pay too much attention I have to admit 🙂
    I have been using some other stuffs out there but… I would deffo go with Boleh VPN… !

  2. excellent customer service and great vpn provider i’ve ever used! trust me this is the one you want to subscribe

  3. I have been using BolehVPN for several years on both an iMac and an iPad. It is a great VPN. I have had a couple of minor problems on both systems over the years and BolehVPN support has been wonderful, they have helped me fix them quickly and are very knowledgeable.

  4. I believe BolehVPN is the best vpn available. Exceptional effectiveness and reliability. Internet speeds are very fast, I don’t notice any difference in speed between when I’m using it or not. Highly recommended!

  5. Hello
    Just like to say that Boleh customer service is excellent.
    Very prompt if you have any issues. Fast servers and reliable.I also had PIA VPN to compare but I keep going back to Boleh and use them. Ajay,Chris and Reuben do care!!! Signed up for 2 years and have been with them for 5 years now.Price is right also.

  6. This is my fourth year using BolehVPN. There after-sales service is very prompt with a solution being provided within two hours which is impressive.

  7. Small company, but big vision. Customer service is excellent, server options good and ease of use with detailed guides.

  8. Outstanding customer service who will get you up and running in no time, whatever the issue. I use this for streaming Amazon Prime TV to my laptop and tablets in Malaysia. Occasional issues with servers not responding, however it’s very quick and easy to find and connect up to an alternate server. Haven’t found the download speeds to be as “lightning fast” as some users, though that may be due to my mediocre internet speed through UniFi.

  9. I am a very happy customer and recently renewed my subscription for another year. The VPN services provided by Boleh just work – money well spend!

    As a non-technical user I very much appreciate their excellent after-sale service which is prompt and efficient.

  10. I’ve been using the service now for about 6 months. Recently my download speed almost grounded to a halt. I emailed their support and got an immediate response, with some simple suggestions for adjusting my settings. I made the changes and presto, it’s running fine. Would recommend these guys.

  11. far and away the best VPN I ever used, including Express.
    fast reliable and great service in personally resolving my own security login problems even at 0400 on a Sunday morning!!
    thanks to Ajay and Chris.

  12. I subscribed to BolehVPN for about 3 years, but recently decided to switch to ExpressVPN. The decision based on two factors:

    1. I did not receive a ‘renewal’ reminder at the end of the year for some reason; rather my subscription just terminated and stopped working. If I’d received a reminder I’d have almost certainly just renewed for another year, but since this didn’t happen, it seemed like a good opportunity to take another look at the competition.

    2. ExpressVPN has a much larger network of servers in many more countries.

    I decided to try ExpressVPN, and while I have been more or less satisfied, I have to say I regret switching, and will almost certainly go back to the BolehVPN when my current subscription ends.

    BolehVPN was a much more personalized experience and, in my opinion has better support, open user forums and very active founders. ExpressVPN, probably by virtue of being larger, is also now blocked by NetFlix….

  13. I am retired and living in Vietnam, where the access to some foreign sites are not always possible (the same situation is true for many other countries). Netflix for example. Even if this movie site is now available in Vietnam, the censured choice is limited to no more then 10% of what is available in other countries. Vietnam’s Internet Censorship Bill (Decree 72) went into effect, and jail is awaiting many bloggers.
    In some instances, to access my own government and bank sites back home was impossible. I have now no more problems, thanks to BolehVPN.
    I have previously tried different sites offering IP solutions, but ONLY BolehVPN technicians were capable – and patient enough – to make it work on my Mac.

  14. I Love BolehVPN. They are fast, have great features, and the reliability is excellent. My Windows update (or some glitch) somehow messed up my settings, and I got a fast response from BolehVPN customer service. They helped me resolve it right away. I have tried 3 other VPN services, but they are by far the best!

  15. I reviewed several VPN providers and chose Boleh based on cost and support. That was several months ago and I have been very happy with their service. Easy to setup and easy to use.

  16. I would like to agree with the review that these guys aren’t huge, but a small company with exceptional service.

    I live in China where I have to deal with the GFW all the time. When I was looking for solutions to this issue, I was looking at rolling my own OpenVPN server. The guys on the OpenVPN forum came up with a patch that allowed people in Syria/China/etc countries to workaround it. When we needed an Android client, these guys stepped up and provided a custom built app that incorporated the fixes. The story doesn’t end here though. With Android 5.0, their app did not work properly. Instead of just ignorning me or saying stick with Android 4.4, they offered an even better solution built on a newer technology (ShadowSocks). Chris, one of the support guys there spent a lot of time helping me work through this new solution until everything worked properly. This is the sign of a great company that takes all issues seriously and tries to provide the best service possible.

    If you’re in the Asia area or they have servers that are close to you, you should definitely look into their plans.

  17. I have already been with BolehVPN for a long time, and all I can say is, they are simply awesome! Good support, best service! Keep it up! 😀

  18. I just got my connection and found out I was being throttled by my ISP. In a bid to fight for my rights to the pursuit of knowledge and happiness I demanded a way to bypass the issue because I wanted an optimum connection to game hosting, bt transfer and unblocked surfing

    I researched for about a day and asked a representative of this company in a forum about many things regarding VPN and my throttling issue. He was more than happy to answer, no turndown at all and was very welcoming and quick.

    WITHIN LESS THAN A DAY, I subscribed to the VPN, found out my connection was still being choked, emailed the company, the company emailed back, got two agents to help me out and later a team viewer session with not one BUT TWO AGENTS fixing my pc config to the connection DIRECTLY! Within half an hour, they got my speeds to lightning fast …


    All I can say is, I have never experienced response time and issue resolving this quick in any service company. I would like to specially thank Reubern, Ajay and Chris as agents of this company for their quick, efficient, professional and welcoming help!

    I would recommend BolehVPN for all Malaysian Users. If you KNOW you deserve proper or better connection speed, look no further. This company is set up specifically to handle anything our ISP or government will throw at us so you don’t have to worry about throttling at all in the future, just use BolehVPN and you will know you are getting the best speed of your connection anonymously without being censored by local government

  19. This was a thoroughly interesting review.

    I found this review to be fair and balanced, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses.

    I have to say, I have looked at the company, on several occassions, with a view to taking service but they do not have some of the bells and whistles of other VPNS(Such as an internet kill switch,dns leak protection, sstp and android support (Though the cloaking device is undoubtedly an improvement since I last looked at this company) you would expect from VPNs of this price range.

    I also believe that this service is priced on the high end of average, for the services provided. However, good customer support can immediately mitigate that issue. I would prefer to pay a little more and get good customer support and less and have poor or none when you need it.

    I too was concerned about their location, in respect of mine. I am UK based, which does have local servers, but the low number of servers could have meant low speeds over such a distance.

    In the end the low spread of countries served and the lack of sstp a kill switch, dns leak protection all added up to a good service but not right for me.

  20. I am with BolehVPN from the beginning…they never let me down…..quality and reliability of the service are definitely professional and support is superb….moreover after many years of acquaintance now Chris is a dear friend to me……

  21. I think quality is the most important factor when it comes to VPN services (speed). Second: the way customers are being treated (support). Well BoleH VPN has not only these most important facts but even more!
    Well done, nice!

  22. I’ve been a BolehVPN user for over 3 years and I can say the service and support have been exceptional. I’ve used other VPN providers before and nothing comes close. Well worth the money.

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