BGVPN Review

BGVPN is a service that is brought to you by a Bulgarian company. Originally launched in 2010, the company has been in the industry for more than 5 years of service in a number of different capacities including the providing of security solutions. They allow users to use the PPTP and OpenVPN protocols to connect to their servers. They have become a very popular VPN in recent years because of their ability to provide excellent, high-quality VPN services at a reasonable price. While they may not offer all of the extended features that you will find from other VPN providers, they do offer a high-quality service that is able to meet the demands of a wide variety of different users, depending upon your needs and location.

Installation and Configuration

BGVPN allows you to connect through the PPTP protocol, or the openVPN protocol. Their website is relatively simple, but does provide some basic VPN setup instructions for individuals that have never utilized a VPN service before. Their instructions on their website are relatively simple, but they do provide a video on how to set up a PPTP VPN connection in your Internet settings. The amount of information given in their guide certainly leaves a taste for more, and they could do a better job of providing more in-depth setup instructions. They do provide information on setting up their service for a VPN server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, as well as Linux and Ubuntu. Luckily, there are numerous guides online that you can turn to, that can help you to properly configure your service if you find the guides provided by BGVPN not to be enough.


Subscription Cost

The plans that are provided by BGVPN, give you multiple different options. Their most basic plans are there unlimited plans which are available for two dollars per week. They do offer discounts if you are willing to subscribe to it longer amount of time, including $6.90 per month, and $14.90 for three months. They currently do not provide any free trials or refunds, so once you make your purchase, you are stuck with the service throughout the duration of your subscription. It is possible to save money through BGVPN by utilizing promotional and coupon codes, which must be used when you are initially setting up your account. Once an account has been set up, coupon codes may not be used. While their prices might be a little high for some, there are options available to you that can help you to get the price down and make it more affordable for yourself overall.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

One way in which BGVPN is able to stand out from the competition is their ability to deliver high quality, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited speed. They have both 100 megabit and 1000 Mb nodes. The speed that they offer makes it easy for you to utilize their subscription service for activities such as making VOIP phone calls, streaming television shows or movies, or even watching things in full HD. Because the company offers unlimited peer-to-peer client transfers, you can also utilized their service bit torrent and other downloading software. The reliability of their service is excellent, and maintenance is rarely required on their servers.


Server Locations

The company currently only offers servers that are located in four different countries. These countries are the United States of America, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and United Kingdom. While this may not seem like a lot of servers, the excellent speeds that they offer make them usable for most people that are located in areas surrounding those countries. This allows you to bypass ISP and network based censorship, utilizing their VPN servers. This also allows you to get around geo-IP restrictions that have been put into place by your favorite content providers such as Netflix or Hulu, or even get around firewalls and restrictions that have been placed on your browsing by your own country.

Customer Support

BGVPN does offer excellent customer support. They not only make available a live chat, which will allow you to get into contact with the company any time during business hours. This helps you to solve any issues that you are having with their service quickly and easily, without having to worry about waiting for a response. They also have a ticketed e-mail system, allowing you to get into contact with them for matters that are a bit less pressing. The company’s website does not have a frequently asked question or knowledge base section, which would greatly work in their favor. They do however have a highly trained staff that can walk you through any issues that you are having and help you to make the most use of your VPN.

Review Conclusion

BGVPN is an average VPN provider. The company does have a number of different servers, several different geographical locations, but they should look into expanding the number of servers and locations that they are currently offering. They do deliver excellent speed and some of the best security that the business has to offer, as well as a support staff that is there to help. However, their website does not contain any additional information about how to utilize their services or troubleshoot common problems that individuals may have. While they do have a supportive customer support division, having a knowledge base available would be an excellent upgrade for their service.

If you are a new user that has never utilize the VPN before, BGVPN is an excellent option. They provide fast servers, making it easy for you to get around geo-IP restrictions and firewalls that may be keeping you from accessing the content online that you would like to see. Additionally, their high-speed make it easy for you to stream HD content, which is one of the many reasons why individuals turn to VPN providers in the first place.

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