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BetterVPN was initially founded in 2010 with a distinct goal – to deliver a high quality, secure VPN service. Their service is run and owned by Euro S T, which is a company that is located in the United Arab Emirates. BetterVPN offers the basic features that you would expect from a VPN service, allowing you to connect to their servers through multiple different devices, and servers available in more than five countries. they offer multiple apps including apps for Mac OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android, making it easy to connect to their servers through almost any device that you would need to.

Installation and Configuration


One aspect where BetterVPN shines is their in depth guides for any device that you would want to connect to the VPN through. These guides include guides for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. They provide step by step instructions that walk you through the process of setting your internet settings to connect through a VPN. Unfortunately, their VPN does not come with a shiny client (outside of the apps that are provided and OpenVPN), so BetterVPN provides a rudimentary experience for seasoned VPN users. The configuration is basic, but must be done manually in order to connect to their VPN service. The one upside of this is that it allows you to connect to their VPN through virtually any device including routers, gaming consoles and smart televisions.

Subscription Cost


BetterVPN makes numerous different plans available to customers. their most basic plan allows you to connect to servers from a single country for just $5 per month. There are also plans available that give you access to several countries, and those plans range anywhere from $5.50 to $9 per month, depending upon the needs that you have.

If you know that you will be using their service for quite some time, you may want to go with the long term plans that they have available. The long term plans are much cheaper. On a 3 month plan, you save 10% on the listed price. On a 6 month plan you save 20% and on a 12 month plan you save 30%.

If you would like to give BetterVPN a spin before committing to a long term plan, they do offer a three hour trial account that you can play around in and get a feel for the service. Additionally, the company offers a no-questions-asked, 7 day money back guarantee on their service so that you can give it a try without having to worry about losing money.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

BetterVPN advertises absolutely no restrictions on download speeds and bandwidth, but your speed when going through their servers will depend mostly upon your locality to the server of oyur choice. BetterVPN has made it a point to not throttle speed, and allows subscribers to download files of any size will connected to the VPN. Overall – the speeds that they deliver are noticeably slower than some of the competitors out there on the market, but they are not unbearably slow. If you are able to connect to a server in your local area, the speed can actually be quite impressive. Additionally, server maintenance is relatively rare from BetterVPN , which means that you rarely have to worry about the server of your choice going down and your speed suffering as a result.

Server Locations

Currently, BetterVPN offers VPN servers that are lcoated in five different countries. These countries are the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and Russia. This is a relatively unimpressive list of server locations compared to the competition, but they do offer a number of features that you likely would not see from the competition including the ability to bypass firewalls and get around geo-IP restricted content. If you have ever had a problem watching your favorite show on Hulu due to your location, BetterVPN’s subscription allows you to work around these restrictions and watch any content that you so choose. BetterVPN is also an excellent choice for individuals that are looking to get around restriction sand blocks in corporate environments as well.


Customer Support

You can contact BetterVPN at any time through live chat and email, and in our experience they have delivered prompt responses to any of the questions that we have had. The company’s website also provides information about some common issues, questions, and complaints that subscribers have had throughout their history. Although BetterVPN may not be a large, well-known VPN provider, one area in which they do shine is their excellent customer service.

Issues and Problems

All things considered, BetterVPN is a relatively straight forward VPN provider that gives you what they promise, and little more. They have a meager selection of servers in the five countries that they advertise, and speeds may be a bit slower than you have come to expect from competing subscription services. If you are looking for a VPN provider with a robust catalog of servers, you might want to look elsewhere.

Review Conclusion

BetterVPN is exactly what you’d expect from a VPN provider – they provide you with servers in a few different countries, offering great support for their product, and even offer a few bells and whistles such as servers that allow you to get around GEO-IP restriction . However, their small number of servers and relatively slow connection speeds may make them a company to avoid for a longtime user of VPN services.

However, if you are a first time user of VPNs, BetterVPN allows you to get around any of the basic internet restrictions that you may be looking to avoid and provides a straightforward and seamless connection method that is simple, straightforward and easy to use. BetterVPN may not be the most attractive VPN subscription, but it is an excellent option for beginners that are looking to get their feet wet.

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  1. This provider is a bunch of cheaters. I signed up for service, but after installation, their client does not work at all (on windows 10). Sent message to them, no response. then I tried to sent refund request from their online contact link, the page does not work at all, cannot even get the message out.
    So forget about them.

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