BeeVPN Review

Bee VPN is part of a Denmark based company that was originally founded in 2009. The company uses next generation technology from Cisco in order to deliver its service at the best speeds and bandwidth. They work to ensure that they provide the fastest speeds in all of their servers and make it easy as possible for users to find a server that is near their location and helps them to workaround GEOIP requirements, surf anonymously, or even download.

Installation and Configuration

BeeVPN works with a wide range of different types of devices including computer, iPad, routers, AppleTV, Android and iOS devices and basically any device that you can edit your connection details with. BeeVPN provides an excellent service, with 24/7 support 365 days a year, making it as easy as possible for you to get into contact with a representative and get any of the issues that you are having taken care of quickly and easily.

They provide a wide range of guides, complete with step by step guides and screenshots that will allow you to easily and quickly install BeeVPN. They even have their guides broken down in the different types of services that you may be using their VPN for such as anonymity, streaming TV shows or getting around GEOIP restrictions that have been put into place by your favorite content provider. This makes it as easy as possible for you to ensure that you are not only using BeeVPN in the right way. The excellent guides that they provide are among the best within the industry, making BeeVPN an excellent option for those that have never used a VPN over a long period of time previously. The guides that they provide are excellent – helping many users with the installation and configuration of their devices.


Subscription Cost

BeeVPN makes a number of different unlimited plans available to subscribers. Their plans start at 11.99 EUR per month, but do offer pretty large discounts if oyu are willing to commit to more time. The 11.99 EUR price tag for the most basic plan is quite expensive compared to some of the competition, but they do provide a professional service with great support and guides to help out new users. If you subscribe for 3 months, the price is 23.97 EUR or 78.09 EUR for a full year.

If you would like to utilize BEEVPN through mobile devices or routers, you will require a subscription that costs an extra 1.19 EUR per month for any of the plans that you decide to go with. The company does offer a complete 14 day money back guarantee, but is only valid if you find that you are not able to utilize the service for one reason or another. Overall, BeeVPN is a little pricey when compared to the other options that are available to you, but is an excellent provider that goes the extra mile to take care of their subscribers once you have subscribed.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

BeeVPN does not use any kind of speed of bandwidth restrictions for their users. They have an infrastructure in place that results in excellent speeds. It owns each of its servers and all of the hardware that they use so they are able to deliver maximum speed without any of the bottlenecks that other companies generally have to deal with. This makes them a great option for users that are looking to use their services for streaming or getting around the GEOIP restrictions that many companies such as Netflix and Hulu have initiated in recent years, limiting access to certain content in different regions. Additionally, they permit an unlimited amount of peer 2 peer traffic through their network, making BeeVPN a great choice for those that are looking to use the network to download torrent files. BeeVPN has some of the most reliable servers that the industry has to offer and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their support as well, making them an excellent choice for many.


Server Locations

The company currently offers servers that are located in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and France. This is a relatively small number of locations, which could present a problem to users that are not located in Europe. The list of servers is not impressive, but it does allow you to circumvent certain restrictions that are placed on GEOIP locations for content. Also, their service is great for getting around certain restrictions that are placed by specific countries as well, opening up services such as youTube, Facebook, and Skype to countries that typically do not allow access to those services. Additionally, BeeVPN is fast enough and excellent for circumventing corporate blockers as well, opening up Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites that many companies block their employees from visiting. While I wish that they would be willing to expand the number of countries that their servers are offered in, the speeds that they offer make BeeVPN an excellent choice for most uses.

Customer Support

BeeVPN really stands out in the level of support that they offer. The support staff has a lot of knowledge, and makes a point to respond to those that have inquiries as quickly as possible. They make email support available 24/7, every day of the year and guarantee a response within a reasonable amount of time. Their excellent support make them a great resource for individuals that have never used a VPN service before.

BeeVPN Review Conclusion

BeeVPN is a solid provider overall. While they do not have a wide range of different servers, the servers that they do have are fast, and they are a highly professional company. They are able to deliver the highest levels of speeds, and excellent security to their users as well. When you are looking for a high quality VPN server, consider using VPN whether you are looking to use them for professional purposes, getting around a corporate blocker, or even firewalls that your country has imposed on you. While they might not be the best choice for veteran VPN users, they are an excellent choice for new users.

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