Bart VPN Review

BartVPN is a new VPN provider on the scene, having been founded in 2012. They are based in Poland, and are attempting to deliver a VPN experience that puts its emphasis on invisibility, security and freedom as you browse online. They have quickly become one of the larger VPN providers currently available, with a professional looking website, great customer support and a huge amount of content that helps you to appropriately utilize their VPN.

Installation and Configuration

BartVPN offers their own software. They offer both a free version, which comes with advertisements, as well as a version that does not have advertisements but does require a subscription cost. They make the installation and configuration of their software as easy as possible. The interface has been great looking, and is quite user friendly. It is excellent for either new VPN users or veterans alike. It automatically protects and encrypts your internet connection, meaning that you will not have to edit your internet settings in order to use their VPN. The automatic setup of this means that BartVPN is an excellent way for new VPN users to become accustomed to the use of the technology.

The software allows you to select your server manually. You can also let the software choose which server you connect to for you, which should make it very easy for you to find the server that is going to provide you with the best possible speed.


Subscription Cost

BartVPN provides a number of different plans available, each of them relatively cheap depending upon what your needs are. They offer a free version of their software which runs at normal speeds, and allows you to connect with up to one device at a time. The free plan gives you access to more than 20 servers and is available for PC and Mac OS online.

For just €2.99 per month you can subscribe to their service, and receive an ad free experience. They also provide you with a higher speed cap and the ability to connect up to three different devices to the VPN at a time. This monthly plan allows you to gain access to up to 40 different servers at a time. This plan also provides 256 bit encryption, Android support, and a 7 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to subscribe to the service for a year, you receive some huge upgrades. Their yearly subscription is €59.99 per year, and provides you with high speed streaming and up to three devices connected, just like the monthly plan. One huge difference between the monthly and the yearly plan is the fact that it allows you to connect up to 80 different servers at a time.

Their business plan costs €266.99 per year and has the highest speeds available. Additionally, you can have up to 10 different devices connected at a time, with more than 180 total IP addresses. This plan comes with phone support and a security consultant that helps you to make sure that you are able to get all of the different security.


Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

BartVPN delivers some of the fastest speeds that are currently available from VPN providers. The bandwidth is unrestricted, but depending upon what plan you choose, the speed may be capped at various hidden levels that they do not disclose. The servers that the company provides are all connected to a minimum of 100 MBPS network. This makes their servers excellent for downloading or streaming content, and getting around the GEOIP blocks that many different content providers have instituted in recent years. They allow you to run VOIP software and play games online without having to worry about the speed limitations that many other providers force you to deal with when subscribing to their service.

Server Locations

BartVPN currently has servers that are available in 9 different countries. Those countries include Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, UK and Romania. The company has a number of servers in markets like Canada that are only available for some subscribers. If you are looking for a high quality provider with enough servers, BartVPN certainly meets those needs. The fact that those servers are connected to a 100 MBPS node means that you are going to get great speeds at any of the locations that they offer.


Customer Support

The company also offers some of the best support that the industry has to offer. They recently instituted an online chat that allows you to get into contact with customer support whenever you want. This allows you to ensure that you are able to answer questions quickly and efficiently. They also offer email support for less pressing questions, and also a support forum where you can ask open questions that can actually be answered by the community. Additionally, they make a FAQ and knowledgebase available on their website. BartVPN provides some of the best customer support that the industry has to offer and makes it as easy as possible to get into touch with a customer representative.

Customer support is one area in which BartVPN stands out from the competition. They offer multiple methods to get into contact with them and quickly answer any of the questions that you might have. You can also go to the community through the support forum and get into contact with community members that may have experienced similar problems.

Review Conclusion

BartVPN is an excellent VPN provider, and one of the most professional that is available in the industry. If you are looking for a highly regarded, well reviewed VPN provider, BartVPN is an excellent choice. Although they do not have all of the bells and whistles that other providers offer, they are still an excellent company. For the more advanced options, you have to subscribe to their Business Plan, which is quite a great deal more money. In all, BartVPN is an excellent provider that has gone above and beyond the level of service that is provided by most, and offers an excellent, reliable service.

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