Banana VPN Review

Launched in 2007, Banana VPN belongs to the expensive VPN services category. Costing around $14.99 per month, Banana VPN does not offer any exclusive VPN services such as complete anonymous web browsing or P2P file sharing. They do offer exclusive VOIP services for customers in the Middle East, which is of course their intended target. Let us take a closer look at the company through this brief Banana VPN review.

Installation & Configuration

Indeed, for a VPN company that charges such a high premium, the lack of a dedicated VPN platform proves to be such a major drawback. While Banana VPN is compatible with both desktop as well as mobile operating systems, the company has chosen to ignore the market demand for standalone VPN applications entirely.

Upon subscribing for a package, user login credentials for VPN access is automatically sent to your email address. You can use this information to manually setup a VPN connection on your device. Separate VPN setup tutorials are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Subscription Cost

Banana VPN is available for $14.99 per month, which is very expensive for a VPN service that doesn’t even offer a dedicated VPN terminal. There are discounts on offer for the semi-annual and annual packs, which costs $10 per month and $8.33 per month respectively. Even the payment options are limited to major credit cards, and no online payment gateways are available at the moment. As far as money back guarantee is concerned, subscribers can enjoy 3 days of refund policy, the period within which users can cancel subscription without any questions asked. That too is a serious drawback for the company.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Speed is one factor that plays well in Banana VPN’s favor. This works well for users who have specific requirements for VOIP. During our speed tests, we were able to tap into 60% of the ISP speed, but we were able to enjoy a consistent and reliable connection to the VPN server. However, we did miss a VPN kill switch feature, which would essentially cut off the internet connection if the VPN connection drops. Users do get to enjoy unlimited speeds and bandwidth, which is one of the only minor advantages of subscribing to Banana VPN.

Servers & Server Locations

Banana VPN has not fared well in this category, as they offer 15 servers scattered across 7 different countries. The countries list includes US, UK, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland. We were surprised that Banana VPN continues to charge a high premium from their customers, without increasing or developing their existing VPN infrastructure.

Data Logging Policies & Online Anonymity

BananaVPN promises no data logs, but they do actively monitor all user activity to deter illegal activities such as P2P file sharing and other unlawful online activities. This means that they do store and analyze their user’s traffic; therefore, we can’t recommend this company for complete online privacy and anonymity.

Customer Support

Banana VPN offers the option of a live chat feature alongside a contact form. The live chat is available only for 14 hours a day, and is mostly live during UK hours. The customer support is not what you would call responsive, but you can get your queries answered within 24 hours. They do have a resourceful FAQ page, and guides to install VPN are self-explanatory.

Issues & Problems

Apart from the VOIP speed and reliability, we were not satisfied with the low server count, high price, average customer support and a controversial data logging policy. Even the payment options are limited, and you can only pay using a credit card, which cannot assure any kind of anonymity or security offered by online payment gateways such as Bitcoin.

Banana VPN Review Conclusion

In our view, Banana VPN is an expensive VPN service provider that fails to impress owing to a high subscription cost vis-à-vis VPN features on offer. There are mainstream VPN companies that offer excellent VPN functionalities for a fraction of the cost, and it would seem like a fruitless venture to spend extra on a VPN service provider that does not offer a fraction of the VPN features that other companies offer.

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  1. I prefer HushTunnel which is SSH and so more secure. They are pretty cheap and they offer moneyback if you don't like it. The best thing is that it works on mac, windows, and linux.

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