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Astrill VPN Review

The company that offers Astrill VPN was only founded in 2009 by a young and ambitious team that saw the opportunity to take over the VPN market. After only a year of operations, Astrill already expanded and plans to dominate the US and UK markets where more and more people are demanding privacy for their information and unmatched security feature that only a virtual private network can provide.

3 years in the industry and Astrill already has a huge number of loyal customers. Since the company started offering reliable VPN service, it quickly rose as one of the most renowned VPN providers. The service is compatible with all the major operating systems such as Apple’s Lion OSX, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows. Astrill just recently upped its service offering by expanding its target reach further. It now operates in 49 countries across North America and Europe, with more than 163 servers and 74,124 IP afddress at their disposal.

Here at VPN Creative, we’ve basically explored and tested almost all VPN services available today. We would like to share our review regarding the overall performance of Astrill VPN. Read this Astrill VPN review to find out why is this VPN provider has what it takes to compete with reputable VPN companies.

Astrill VPN

What we love about Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN provides a way for people to go around their daily businesses without having to worry about falling into the traps of cyber criminals. A VPN simply allows users (or devices) to send and receive information in an encrypted form which gives the opportunity to securely access any information from anywhere in the world.

Astrill VPN uses a state-of-the-art military-level encryption technology to code all data requests that leaves a device giving hackers a run for their money. Unwanted third parties wouldn’t have a chance to determine your actual details. Only you know the exact location from where you are accessing the Internet.

However, without a VPN, you are surely exposing yourself to the entire cyber community. Might as well broadcast your personal details, besides, it’ll just take a few minutes before hackers get access to your system.

In addition, Astrill VPN does not only offer the standard VPN service that are very much the same from other VPN service providers, but it also offer new add-ons features such as video accelerator, WebCache, IP filtering, etc. Since the servers are located in 49 countries, users can be assured that they are getting a great deal!

Another plus point for Astrill VPN is the ability to access VOIP and P2P applications (such as Skype) without any restrictions. Other VPN providers don’t tolerate torrent downloadings because of some legality issues.

What we don’t love about Astrill VPN

Compared to more prominent VPN names, Astrill VPN service doesn’t come close to the reliability of its competition. There are VPN providers that offer much better VPN services for the same or even lower price range.

As much as we’d like to love and recommend Astrill VPN, it’s simply not quite as good as Hide My Ass! Pro VPN. We’d recommend you to check out our reader’s favorite choise on the VPN Provider list.

Astrill VPN: Is it a good-enough VPN service?

If you subscribed to a VPN today, particularly with Astrill VPN you are sure to enjoy increased internet security, an anonymous internet identity and a tool that can bypass all internet censorship. VPN plan starts as low as $5.83/month. Subscribe to a multi-month plan and avail of big discounts.

In conclusion, if you never want to have even the slightest experience with Internet fraud, or have the confidence to pay for anything you buy online without your personal and bank account details being stolen, then consider signing up with Astrill VPN. The company will surely give you exactly what you need.