Aplus VPN Review

AplusVPN is an established VPN provider that was originally founded in 2008. they offer connection through the PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, but offer a limited number of servers. AplusVPN is an American company that provides users with a quick and simple method for connecting to servers across the globe at a reasonable price. In just a few minutes, you can be subscribed to Aplus and begin using their VPN servers. Whether you are looking to get around corporate blocking software, increased privacy, or a workaround for GEOIP restrictions on your favorite website, Aplus is a decent option.

Installation and Configuration

Aplus offers a number of different guides that are available for a wide range of different platforms. If you need help setting up their VPN service, they offer in depth step by step guides for all platforms and connection types. This helps to ensure that you are able to easily install the OpenVPN client. They also make configuration files available which must be downloaded and then unzipped to your OpenVPN/config folder, which can be a huge help for those that have never installed or configured a VPN previously. Their guides are an excellent resource for new VPN users and veterans alike, especially since they take the time to break down all of the different protocols for each platform as well.


Subscription Cost

Aplus has a number of different pricing options available that can help to narrow down the choices that you have available to you. Their single country plans are their most basic plans (US or UK servers only) and those plans start at $10. This is a bit expensive when compared to similar servers that have similar (or cheaper) pricing, and offer servers in dozens of different countries. They do, however, offer big discounts for individuals that are willing to subscribe to multiple months at a time. Three months is $26, $45 for six months, and $80 for 12 months, which is a significant discount.

If you are planning on using the open source software, OpenVPN for a connection, you can expect to pay a bit more. OpenVPN plans from Aplus cost $12 a month, with similar discounts for longer subscription periods. They also offer combination plans which give you access to both PPTP and OpenVPN for $16 per month. This does seem to be a bit more expensive than it needs to be considering both connection options typically come standard with other companies.

There is no free trial available, but Aplus does offer a 5 day money back guarantee, so that you can always get your money back if you are greatly disappointed with the service that they have rendered.


Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

There are no speed or bandwidth restrictions on the servers that are provided by Aplus. this means that they will be an excellent consideration for downloading or the streaming media online or even playing video games over the service. They do allow p2p activity, but only through the OpenVPN protocol, which does cost a bit more than their standard plans. This means that in order to use Bittorrent with these servers you would have to pay a bit more for the OpenVPN servers and protocol. In all, the speed that they provide is good, but far from being the industry standard.

Server Locations

As of right now, Aplus only offers servers in two countries – the United States and United Kingdom. This is a very small amount and is going to take a number of uses off of the table. In most cases, these locations should be enough for your average user to get around some of the corporate blocks that keep you from accessing websites like YouTube or Facebook while at work. You can also use their servers to get around some of the GEOIP restrictions that are popular on websites like Netflix, Hulu, or iTV. However, with a limited number of countries to choose from, you have to make sure that using those locations will be able to provide you with the results that you are looking for. If Aplus wanted to expand their reach and overall service, the best thing that they could do would be to introduce servers in a wide variety of different countries.

Customer Support

One way in which AplusVPN does shine is in their customer support. Their most advanced form of support is their live chat. This allows you to contact customer support representatives at the company anytime during business hours and get your issues attended to immediately. If the live chat support isn’t necessary or it is not during business hours, you can utilize their email support, which they answer quite quickly. The company also allows you to receive support through the phone as well, which is not available at many other VPN companies, which is a nice plus. In all, the customer support that they offer is excellent and this makes them an excellent choice for many. If you are worried that you may have problems connecting (especially if you have never used a VPN before) then AplusVPN would be a great choice for the customer support alone.

Review Conclusion

AplusVPN is a decent provider. They offer great servers, decent plans and excellent customer service, but only offer servers in two different countries which could make it difficult to get around certain restrictions and limit the interest in their services overall. However, if you are a new VPN user and are looking for a reliable American company to work with, AplusVPN does have a good reputation for excellent customer service, and excellent support. They provide a wide range of different options that allow you to mix and match which plans you go with to ensure you get what you want. Although VPN veterans may steer clear of AplusVPN, they are an excellent choice for new VPN users that are looking to get their feet wet.

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