Anonyproz Review

Anonyproz is a company that was originally founded in 2009, supporting the Open VPN, SSH and HTTPS tunneling connection protocols. they are owned by Wellington, a company that is based in New Zealand. The company is known for delivering excellent services, with high quality security and a wide range of different servers. Their strong encryption makes them an excellent choice for professional or casual users alike who are concerned about security in the long term. Anonyproz makes security and privacy their priority, providing multiple connection channels.


Installation and Configuration

Installation of Anonyproz services is relatively straight forward. They do provide a complete guide, along with screenshots, for installing the OpenVPN connection to their services on Windows machines, which should make setup as easily as it can possibly be. OpenVPN works with MAC, Linux, iOS and Android as well, which gives users multiple connection options. If you are looking for a company that offers multiple different connection options, Anonyproz is an excellent choice as they offer connections through the open-source OpenVPN client, SSH and HTTPS tunneling, along with guides and customer support that are available to walk you through the process.


Subscription Cost

Anonyproz offers a number of different pricing options that give you some flexibility in terms of what you can expect to pay per month. While at this time they do not offer extended plans that provide you with a discount for agreeing to remain with the service for an extended amount of time at a discount, there are multiple options available. Their Standard OpenVPN Package provides 31 shared IP servers and malware connections for just $8.00. For the level of service that is being providing the price is fair and makes them an excellent option.

They also offer their premium package, which allows you to connect through the OpenVPN software, but also gives you access to HTTPS tunneling, malware protection, SSH tunneling, and access to a total of 31 shared servers for $10.00. This is an excellent option for individuals that are primarily worried about security and anonymity while using their proxing. They also offer dedicated static IPs for $7.00 and a SSH Tunneling specific plan for just $8.00.

They also offer multiple different payment methods including PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Union Pay, and CashU, giving you multiple options for payment that should make it easier for you to use your desired payment method. In all, their prices are in line with the industry standards and the additional security measures make the Premium Package all the more worth it for those that take their security and anonymity seriously.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

Anonyproz offers unrestricted bandwidth for each of their plans, as well as unlimited speeds. One issue with their servers is that they are connected to different nodes, ranging from 100 to 1000 MBit. This means that your speeds may greatly range from server to another, but keep in mind that even a 100 MBit server is considered to be relatively speedy compared to some of the other options that are available. Because they do offer such high speeds with some of their servers and the unlimited bandwidth you can use these services for VOIP calls, unlimited downloads and the streaming of HD movies and television shows.

Individuals that are very particular about their speeds might find Anonyproz to be aggravating at times due to the variance in speeds, but ultimately they are one of the fastest available option on the market today. They also offer P2P traffic through their servers that are located in Vietnam, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland and even Poland. The lack of speed and bandwidth restrictions make it perfect for individuals that are looking to use a VPN for media.


Server Locations

One way in which Anonyproz does go above and beyond the call of duty is by offering servers in a huge range of different locations. In all, they have servers that are available in 24 different countries. These countries include the United States, UK, Canada, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Chile, France, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine among others. This means that individuals that are looking for a VPN so that they can access content that would otherwise be locked to them including Netflix, Hulu, MLB, iTV and a variety of other platforms as well. This also means that users that are looking to get around corporate blockers that block websites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube should have no problem

Customer Support

Anonyproz is known for their excellent customer support as well. If you have to get into contact with them urgently, they make a live chat available that makes it easy to ask a question and have your concerns answered immediately. They also make email support available for questions that are a bit less pressing. This makes it easy for you to get a hold of them, or ask questions when the live chat is not operational during business hours. Additionally, Anonyproz also offers remote desktop support, so that they can walk you through any of the issues that you might be having, and physically show you over the monitor what needs to be done in order to install, maintain, or utilize their VPN servers in 24 countries across the world. Using the remote desktop support that they offer will help you to get up and running, and should particularly be of interest to new users that have never before used a VPN service and may require help getting things running.

Review Conclusion

For those that make security and privacy their main concern, Anonyproz is an excellent company to choose to work with. Not only do they offer SSH and HTTPS tunneling for maximum anonymity, but having servers in 24 different countries makes it easy for you to find a server that is going to meet your specifications and will allow you to ensure that you receive all of the necessary functionality that you require. This, combined with their excellent customer service make them a company worth seeking out and working with.

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