Anonymity Network Review

Security and anonymity on the internet have become prerequisites to a successful online business. Where previously businesses had nothing to fear before launching a website or initiating online sales, today the risk of online frauds, cyber crime and theft makes a business owner look for alternative ways to browse the internet.

One such way that has become extremely popular in the 21st century is using Web Proxies and Virtual Private Networks to hide one’s original identity behind a fake or anonymous one. Companies that provide VPN services are offering a much needed service because they enable individuals and businesses to anonymize their every move. Consequently saving them from becoming targets of vicious online crimes.

Anonymity Network is a VPN Provider that has made a name for itself in a very short span of time. It aims to provide quality VPN services to customers with complicated browsing needs by rerouting their traffic and commands from multiple servers across the world. Because a VPN Provider’s strength should lie in ‘making you anonymous’, it is imperative that you choose one that has the best infrastructure and technological know-how in the industry.

Anonymity Network Review

How well does Anonymity Network fit this criteria? Following is a detailed review of the features offered by this VPN Service. Since I have used a number of VPN providers previously to gauge their service, in this review we will compare Anonymity’s features against some criteria that have been used to assess some of the best, most renowned providers in the market. Therefore, the analysis gives you a very clear picture of whether Anonymity Network is worth your money or not.

Let’s first take a look at the company’s background. Anonymity Network was established in 2009 as a Hawaiian based company. With an aim to secure users’ online activities, Anonymity Network soon expanded its reach to several countries worldwide and built a substantial customer base. Anonymity Network’s VPN can be visualized as a strong encrypted path extending from your computer to the desired destination with minimal outside interference.
How well does Anonymity Network score on some essential features that you value?

Server Location & Access

Because Server location and access is the biggest worry and concern for VPN Providers, I will address this first. Anonymity Network has servers in 5 different countries namely, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Netherlands. The company offers tailor made packages to clients whose internet needs are not limited to these five countries; therefore, it gains points in this category.

With these packages, you can unlock restricted websites and social forums by crossing firewalls and accessing content rich websites like ABC, Hulu, Disney and BBC. Nonetheless, Anonymity Network does have very limited reach and scope by being available in five countries only, while industry leaders have servers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

VPN Bandwidth & Speed

Unlike most VPN Providers, Anonymity offers restricted and metered VPN bandwidth. Therefore, no matter which package you subscribe to, the bandwidth you can use will always be limited. Regardless, the company manages to maintain commendable speeds for users. I for one, never experienced sluggish downloads and long downtimes with Anonymity Network.

Installation & Startup

Anonymity does leave behind other VPN Providers in terms of the ease of installation and use. Its interface would easily pass as one of the most user friendly software around. Moreover, the company is very prompt in starting up your account as soon as you make the subscription payment.

For instance, when I paid via credit card, I received my log-in details just a few minutes later and my account was running within 1 hour! The company also has its own Multi Protocol Tool that you can download for faster service. Installation and execution of this file is pretty simple and hassle free.

IPs, Protocols & Privacy

Anonymity Network doesn’t offer Dedicated IPs. Despite their high demand in the market, the company’s offer is limited to Shared and Dynamic IPs. Lack of Dedicated IPs is perhaps the biggest drawback of the service provided by Anonymity Network because online businessmen and merchants need to use Dedicated IPs for online banking, something you can’t do with multiple IPs without generating fraud alerts.

The Protocols used by the company is the standard PPTP and OpenVPN. With high security and a 1024 bit encryption, these protocols work best to hide users’ identities during File Transfers, VoIP conversations, etc. However, one critique that I feel Anonymity Network deserves, despite the number of years it has been in the market, is the lack of customized applications. The company has the most standard OpenVPN Configuration with no applications of its own.

Neither does this standard application start up on its own, nor does it have any automated features to inform you of server failure. Therefore, to your amazement, you may find yourself working with your original IP all of a sudden if a server failed and you were not notified!

Software Support & Customer Support

Anonymity works with all the renowned platforms on the market like Windows, iOS, Linux and Android and is also compatible with Tablets and Smartphones. However, if you want help configuring these devices, you will have to wait for customer support.

Anonymity’s only avenue for customer support is via email, which is a very long and tiring process in case of urgent requests and demands. Enough reason for me to solve VPN problems on my own!

Pricing Options

The company offers 20GB Monthly Bandwidth Packages for a $12 subscription while 120GB Packages for $25.8 per month. 3 hour trial and 3 days money back guarantees are applied on various packages.


On the whole, anonymity is an average service provider, definitely not the best one around. With nonexistent customer support and restricted bandwidths, one thinks twice before subscribing with the company for seamless VPN Services.

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