Last modified August 14, 2013 by Paul Nash

Anonine Review

The prevalence of social media has made some big impacts with regards to online privacy and security. Actually, netizens now tend to share too much information on the internet – whether they are aware of it or not. In today’s digital world, it appears that privacy is becoming more at risk. And if you aren’t doing anything to protect your privacy, nobody would.

As we become more and more hooked with the internet, we must also be familiar with different safety measures in order to safeguard our data. To remain truly anonymous whilst surfing the web, I can only think of one tool that can provide such capability – a VPN technology.

But can people really go invisible online? Know that once you have connected to the internet, your personal information can be available to anyone. With the right VPN service, anybody can keep data away from prying eyes.

To accommodate the growing demand for online security, VPN service providers have sprung up everywhere. Thus, making it more difficult to distinguish the reliable from the average service.

Just recently, we tried out Anonine VPN and we’d like to share our experience using the service. Did Anonine impress us in any way? Read along to find out.

Anonine VPN Features


As a VPN service, Anonine has the capability of hiding your real IP address – thus keeping you safe from spying practices. Hiding your actual IP address and masking it with a fake one will allow you to anonymously surf the web.

It uses a strong encryption system 2048 bit SSL for OpenVPN plans and 128 bit for PPTP accounts. In general, VPN encryptions will introduce a slowdown with the connection speed. While testing the service, we did experience a bit of speed deterioration. However, this slowdown is barely noticeable and insignificant.

Anonine is a good choice for those who are looking for a VPN service that offers unrestricted bandwidth consumptions. This is often one of the biggest deal breakers that customers look at with VPN subscriptions. Unlimited bandwidth allows customers to download large files, stream HD videos, use VOIP services and play online games.

Users can choose to subscribe to a single month subscription or to a multi-month term. Anonine is available for $6.99 per month, or $17.96 for 3 months, $29.94 for 6 months or $47.88 for a year of Anonine accesses. There are no free trials or refunds at the moment. To test the service, you can either subscribe to it on a monthly plan or subscribe to it – there really is no option.

Support and Compatibility

Anonine VPN is a Swedish company and a subsidiary of Portlane AB. Since its launching in 2009, the company has made a couple of improvements with the service along with the addition of servers. What’s disappointing though is that it only houses its server in one country, and that is in Sweden.

Even wiith no option of connecting to a different server location, Anonine still proves to be a reliable VPN service. Anonine still manages to bypass government restrictions / censorships and unblock certain geo-restricted websites.

To use the service, you need to be running it on either a Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux or Android device. There is no dedicated client app though. Setting it up can be a hassle for non-technical users. The company, however, will provide detailed setup instructions on your platform preference. If you need further assistance, you can always ask for help through its email based support system.

Conclusion: Can Anonine Protect Your Privacy?

Anonine did exceed our expectations. But frankly, the service just isn’t enough for us to renew our subscription. We’ve seen better VPN providers with the same price range as Anonine VPN plans and we’d choose them over Anonine any day.