Ananoos VPN Review

You have every reason to take precautionary measures while surfing the web – most especially if you are shopping or sharing sensitive information with others. Aside from the basic system firewall, anti-virus(es) and malware detection / removing tool(s), you also need the protection of a VPN technology.

Online shopping is quickly becoming a preference among consumers. But let’s face it, there are quite a number of security traps to watch out for when browsing the web. The only way to secure both personal and financial details is by relying on a good VPN service.

When it comes to protecting your system, Ananoos VPN can help you anonymously surf the web. Established in 2009 with the aim of helping encrypt all communications between users and the internet, is Ananoos really a good choice for a VPN service? Take a few seconds and learn more about this VPN with this short yet comprehensive review about the service.

Ananoos Supported Platforms

Ananoos is not the most popular VPN service, but it’s one of the easiest to install and use. It currently supports any operating system that OpenVPN is compatible with. The VPN client will work on Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD (and other flavors of unix). It will also work on Android devices.

To download the VPN software, you first need to subscribe to their service. After your account has been activated, only then will you be provided with a download link to the software.

Pricings, Speed and Bandwidth

First things first, Ananoos does not offer any FREE VPN access. The VPN service costs 15 EUR on a 3-month subscription, 28 EUR for 6 months and 55 EUR for 1 year. One more thing that’s really disappointing is that Ananoos does not offer refunds or money-back guarantees. So if you were to test the service, you’d need to subscribe to it on a multi-month term since it also does not have a single-month VPN plan.

So what do you get from subscribing to Ananoos VPN? You will enjoy unrestricted bandwidth and unmetered speed. With its Multi-Gigabit network, subscribers can download large files, stream HD videos and conduct VOIP sessions without any form of delay or slowdown.

Ananoos offers dynamic and shared IPs through its OpenVPN servers. With regards to server count / location though, it’s clearly not Ananoos’ strongest suit. The Ananoos VPN servers are only located in Netherlands (and some parts of Europe). But even though it lack servers, it still delivers high-quality VPN connections.

Customer Support

One of the downsides of subscribing to Ananoos is its limited customer support options. It only provides email / ticketing system support for customer queries. It lacks phone and live chat support. It also does not have a knowledgebase and a forum. Don’t worry about configuring the service though – the company will provide detailed setup instructions upon registration.

Conclusion: Is Ananoos Enough To Become Anonymous?

Even with the stable connections, somehow we are still unsatisfied with the service. However, we think Ananoos can still do better. It still needs to improve its service. Installing the client app was indeed quick and easy. But what we’re after the most is the completeness of the service.

The lack of servers in major VPN markets is a deal breaker – enough for us to ditch the service. But if you don’t mind using only a Dutch IP, then Ananoos VPN might just do it for you.

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