AlwaysVPN Review

All those tricky security questions and outrageously bizarre passwords you’ve created mean nothing to a hacker. If you aren’t connected through a VPN network, you are simply exposing your information to the world wide web.

Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands. You must protect your privacy while surfing the web. Make it a habit to always use a VPN service before accessing the internet. Protect your digital data by using a dependable VPN service.

If you’re always concerned with your online security, AlwaysVPN seems like a good fit for you. Can AlwaysVPN indeed provide stable and dependable VPN connections? In this short review, we will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly to this VPN service.



Getting a secured network connection is essential in protecting your online activities. AlwaysVPN has been around for four years, having been established in 2008, and does look like a very reliable VPN service.

AlwaysVPN can indeed deliver an excellent security to its network. It has quite a number of servers in the United States. However, AlwaysVPN still seems to lack servers in significant VPN markets all over the world.

Unlike most VPN service, AlwaysVPN sells its service by bandwidth volume and not as a monthly or recurring subscription. It calls it service as a prepaid VPN. Once you have accumulated all your bandwidth allocations, it’s up to you whether to buy more bandwidth or not.

It offers a wide range of VPN plans according to bandwidth options. Prices start at $8.50 for 5GB of bandwidth. Check out the prices below.

• 5GB – USD 8.50
• 10GB – USD 15.00
• 20GB – USD 26.00
• 40GB – USD 33.00
• 80GB – USD 47.00

According to the company, it can award refunds within 14 days to subscribers. On one condition, the bandwidth usage should not exceed 200MB. AlwaysVPN currently does not offer any free VPN access.

With the service, you can access geo-restricted websites, bypass online restrictions / censorships and it prevents hackers and sniffers from gaining unauthorized access to your system.


The service is available to Windows, Mac and Linux platforms through OpenVPN protocol. At the moment, it does not have any dedicated client app on any desktop as well as mobile platforms.

If you ever encounter an issue with the service, you can always contact support. The bad news is that customer support can only be reached via email. We’re a bit disappointed about the lack of other support options. From a company that’s been providing VPN services for the past four years, we were expecting a more comprehensive knowledgebase and more support options.

AlwaysVPN makes up for its imperfections by giving due respect to the privacy of its customers. It will never exchange consumer data for anything. Not unless they were compelled by law enforcers to share customer logs.


AlwaysVPN can truly deliver unmatched VPN connections. We are satisfied with the overall performance of AlwaysVPN. However, we can’t help but compare it to other VPN service providers that started the same time as AlwaysVPN did.

The good about this VPN provider is its subscription terms. If you are satisfied with only 5GB of bandwidth, you only need to pay $8.5. In short, you only pay what you can use.

The bad thing about AlwaysVPN is its lack of a dedicated client app. It would be better and more convenient if it were to have one.

And for the ugly part, we’d say its lack of servers and live chat option – enough said.

Nevertheless, we’d still recommend AlwaysVPN. We give it a 3/5 rating for delivering great speed and amazing security features despite its imperfections. Visit for more information.

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