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Air VPN was originally founded in 2010, by a group of ‘hacktivists’ and lawyers, both of which were willing to donate their time to a cause that they believed in. The AirVPN system was originally created for the Pirate Party festival in Rome, which shows just how involved they are in the pro-privacy and anonymity scene.

Since that time, AirVPN has become one of the most celebrated VPN systems online. It offers a wide number of different features, many of which will not be found on any other VPN platform currently available. AirVPN accepts Bitcoin payments, VPN over the TOR network, and various security features that allow for complete and total anonymity when surfing online.

Additionally, their simple and straightforward interface delivers these advanced features in a manner that makes the system easy to understand and use, even for those that do not have a lot of experience using a VPN in the past. AirVPN is one of the most highly regarded Virtual private network providers currently available.

Installation and Configuration


Once you have placed your payment, you will receive an email with a link that will direct you to the download page which allows you to install the AirVPN client on your Windows machine. The terms of service are especially important for VPN and other privacy-centric systems, and AirVPN goes out of their way to make sure that their terms of service are as straight forward and easy to understand as possible. Many VPN providers tuck their terms of service away hoping that users will not go searching for it. Not AirVPN. They proudly and prominently display their terms of service, showing that they have nothing to hide when it comes to providing true privacy to users.

Then, you will be directed to the login screen, which will ask you for the login and password that were created during the subscription process. Following the login, you will be presented with a list of servers that you can connect to.

As for configuration, the AirVPN settings page provides you with a basic range of settings that you would expect from a VPN. One interesting tidbit is that AirVPN allows you to choose between TCP and UDP (which is generally considered the faster option) OpenVPN protocols. After you are connected, AirVPN allows you to keep track of basic connection data on their homescreen, such as IP, download and upload speed, and current session usage statistics.

Subscription Cost


AirVPN strives to make their subscription process as straightforward and simple as possible. There is an all-in-one plan that starts at approximately €7 per month, with additional options to sign up for a full year of the service, which would cost €54 for the entirety of the year. Additionally, AirVPN also offers a simple one day trial for €1, allowing you to check out the system and features for yourself before making a large commitment. With such cheap subscription options available, it has never been easier to give AirVPN and try and see if it meets your needs.

Speed, Reliability and Bandwidth

AirVPN has always been known for their excellent speeds and reliability. According to tests, AirVPN, in most cases, saw dips of less than a MB/s on 10 megabyte broadband connections when servers within 50 miles were connected to. Surprisingly, your download speed, upload speed, and ping will not see significant dips so long as you are able to find a local server to connect to, and AirVPN has servers conveniently placed all over the UK, making it easy to find a server that is local to your area.

AirVPN is known as one of the most reliable VPN providers today. They rarely experience server downtime, and when maintenance is required, those servers are back online with a short span of time. There are no bandwidth restrictions for subscribers currently, which means that you have unlimited access to all of the content that you could possibly want to see.

Server Locations

AirVPN provides a wide range of different server locations, spread across Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK and the US. If you live in this area, you should have absolutely no problem finding a server that is local to your current area.

With more than 170 servers available for connection, and more than a dozen internal servers that allow for a ‘double hop’ (which allows users to avoid geolocation restrictions on website, such as Hulu) making it easy for you to access any of the content you are seeking out. AirVPN makes it easy to find servers in your local area and keep a solid, consistent connection speed when using a VPN.


Customer Support

AirVPN’s customer support is absolutely top notch. The website is organized and easy to sift through in order to find information. The client itself is simple and user friendly. Because of the large number of features that are provided by AirVPN, their customer support goes above and beyond the call of duty for subscribers.

They provide multiple support methods, each of which may be appropriate for different types of problems. If you have a general question that you are curious about, going to the forum and asking a question is a great way to make contact with the AirVPN support staff. Their forum contains a wealth of information about their service, which may be able to help you to fix numerous issues without having to even get into contact with the support staff. They can also be contacted directly through their form based email ticket system. Of course, this is not as beneficial as a 24/7 live support chat that some companies offer, but the staff is so on the ball that you can expect an answer to any support issue within a few hours at the longest. The customer service is excellent for being such a small company.

Issues and Problems

AirVPN is relatively problem-free in our experience. Sure, being a small company, an AirVPN subscription may not come with all of the bells and whistles that a larger company would be able to provide – but their straight forward website, software and customer support all exceed expectations. Their servers are excellent, and the over the top security features (such as being able to connect through TOR, an SSH tunnel, or SSL tunnel) really separate them from the competition.

AirVPN Review Conclusion

AirVPN is an excellent resource for individuals that are looking for a way to bypass online restrictions. Their wealth of high speed servers, excellent customer support and straightforward client make it a simple to use solution. Additionally, their excellent breadth of features make it so users have peace of mind when using AirVPN.

Although AirVPN may not have all of the trappings that you would expect from a large company, they make up for this fact with an excellent range of privacy features and a transparent company policy that proves that they have their customers in mind with each and every choice that they make. AirVPN is created by hacktivists, lawyer sand privacy professionals and has certainly set the bar high for VPNs in competing markets. AirVPN comes highly recommended.

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  1. I just got my money refunded, basically I was thrown out, because I dared to take issue with the Support response I got. Rather childish and irritating because it wasted a week of my time.

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