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The internet has so many ways of extracting information from netizens– such information includes email addresses, passwords, locations, bank or credit card details and personal messages to other users. In other words, you are submitting your personal details whenever you are browsing the web. So it’s really important to protect our networks not just from malwares, but from everyone else.

Cybercrime is undoubtedly a growing global problem. However, you need not worry if you are connected through a VPN network. A VPN service is the ultimate tool that helps in anonymizing browsing activities.

If you don’t have a VPN service though, let it be known that you are exposing yourself to hackers, your ISP and also to the government. So whatever you do online, these individuals / groups also know about it.

With a VPN, you are guaranteed of your privacy and online security. Some of the VPN providers aren’t as reliable as they claim they are though. So, before signing up to any VPN service, make sure that you have thoroughly checked all your options.

ActiVPN seems like a dependable VPN service. We checked on this VPN service and below are information about it.

How ActiVPN started


Since we were not familiar with ActiVPN, we looked it up so we could determine whether this VPN service was actually a legit company or not. And sure enough, we learned it was indeed a legit company.

Anyway, so we found out that ActiVPN is a VPN service established in 2011 by a Finnish company, Privanet Securities Ltd. The company aims to provide online security and anonymity to those that need them.

Servers locations

ActiVPN doesn’t have a wide-range of servers scattered all over the globe. As of the moment, the servers are located in 3 territories only – United States, France and the Netherlands. It’s unlikely that United Kingdom is not included in the list of countries where servers are located. Usually, VPN services see to it that they add UK servers. Nevertheless, the company ensures good connectivity from any of its servers.

ActiVPN also allows unlimited server switching. This means you can connect to any server any time. You can unblock geo-restricted websites such as Hulu, Netflix, CBC and Pandora with an ActiVPN account.

Speed test and Bandwidth allocation

The good news is that ActiVPN offers unlimited bandwidth usage. The bad news is that speed seemed deteriorated, though it’s stated as “unlimited”. ActiVPN provides average speed connections. But even so, the service still works pretty well.

Pricing options and system compatibility

ActiVPN supports various computing devices and mobile platforms. It currently supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android units. The VPN service makes use of 128 bit PPTP and AES-256 OpenVPN encryption to provide high-level of security to its customers.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated client app at the moment. There is, however, a step-by-step guide on configuring the service on your preferred platform.

Subscription terms are also very flexible. Customers can opt to subscribe on a per day, per week, per month or annual basis. The MicroVPN plan that is only good for 1 day costs 0.5€. Unlimited monthly plans costs 5€ / month, 12€ / 3 months or 30€ annually.

ActiVPN does not offer free trial accounts. Those who are interested in the service, or would want to give it a try before signing up on a long term contract, may use the MicroVPN plan which is as good as a free trial access – you just need to pay a fee of 0.5€.

Contact support and logging privacy

ActiVPN can be contacted via live chat or email messaging. We weren’t able to find the live chat option on the website though. We learned from reading from forums and other reviews that the live chat option is only accessible during regular business hours.

ActiVPN promises that it won’t sniff through your online activities. It is also worth mentioning that P2P and torrent downloadings are allowed.

ActiVPN Service Conclusion: Can We Trust ActiVPN?

ActiVPN is a relatively new VPN provider, being launched only in 2011, the service still needs to improve a lot with its service offering. Their starting subscription fee is lower than other VPN services. However, there is no money back guarantee – this is a bit disappointing really.

The service works well. We can honestly say that we are happy to use the service on a long term basis. P2P downloads is allowed which is a big plus for any VPN service. Our only criticism though is its lack of servers. Nevertheless, ActiVPN provided everything we needed: anonymity, stable connections and online security – which is good enough for us to use and recommend it to others.

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