Ace VPN Review

Whenever I ask people about security with regards to protecting their online activities, most of them would answer “I have a strong password(s)”. Although they have a valid point, passwords are just small parts of online security measures.

In reality, to have a truly secured network, you need more than just unique passwords or security questions. You need stronger security tools that have the capability of providing a great firewall to your system.

I think only a VPN can provide such security features. It offers unmatched security that would withstand all ways of gaining unauthorized accesses to networks. One of the many VPN providers that offer all of the necessary security features is AceVPN.

But is AceVPN merely a typical VPN provider? Will you be happy with the service or will you regret even giving it a try? Let’s find out if this VPN provider can truly ace every test we perform on it to determine its reliability.

System Compatibility


I do a lot of traveling both locally and out of the country. If I would subscribe to a VPN service, I’d choose something that has support for mobile devices. I would surely consider AceVPN since it is compatible with most platforms. Not only does it support computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but it is also compatible with routers and gaming consoles.

AceVPN supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. The service will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

Don’t worry if you aren’t technically well-versed. The company provides detailed instructions for configuring the service on platforms it supports. Its knowledgebase / installation guide page is complete with all the configuration procedures, troubleshooting concerns and service-related details.

List of Server Locations

AceVPN’s wide compatibility list would surely appeal to many VPN users / enthusiasts. But will its server count also entice people into subscribing to the service?

AceVPN now has servers in 14 different countries (USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Canada, Romania, Panama, South Korea). It does not have an extensive amount of servers like some other providers, but what it currently has is enough to cover all accesses from anywhere in the world.

Do you want to connect to AceVPN in China? No problem, just connect to a server nearby (e.g. South Korea). From what we have gathered, AceVPN works flawlessly in the land of Great Walls.

Connection Speed

Through its Gigabit Network, AceVPN is capable of providing extremely fast speeds and stable connections. We were even surprised at how fast AceVPN is! Basing from the speedtest we did, we can say that AceVPN’s servers are somewhat faster than most of its competition.

We also have good things to say about its customer support. AceVPN has an excellent support team that can be reached via Email and its support forum. The lack of a live chat support is a bit disappointing though. But even though it does not provide a way to instantaneously get answers, we’re still impressed how quick the support team replies to queries.

Plans and Pricings

There are two plans to choose from. To easily explain each plan, Premium VPN is mainly the Basic offer, and Ultimate VPN is well, the ultimate plan. The Ultimate VPN service is recommended for heavy internet users. The Premium VPN plan on the other hand is for those budget conscious users. Premium access starts at $5.95 a month and Ultimate costs $15. To avail of discounts, subscribe to a long-term basis.

The main advantage of the Ultimate over Premium is its support for torrent / P2P downloads. Both plans come with a FREE Unblock TV account, AceVPN’s Smart DNS service. Premium VPN is only limited to 50GB of bandwidth per month, while the Ultimate’s bandwidth is unmetered. I have never exceeded a 50GB bandwidth usage in a month, so this isn’t really any of my concern. And besides, an average user only uses 10GB of bandwidth a month, well, that is according to AceVPN.

Conclusion: AceVPN overall performance

Again, we have a few positive things to say about AceVPN’s overall performance. Its technical support is quite good and very responsive. Speed is without a doubt its best asset. Support and compatibility is also not an issue as it supports all major platforms.

Just one criticism though, it does not offer a free trial access. Well, it used to have one. Now, it’s already an invitational free VPN service. You still need to write about them on your website to qualify for the free access. Come to think of it, will this article qualify me for the free AceVPN access?

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