Using a Free Web Proxy vs VPN Service

Using free web proxies has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest issue is that is not completely secure; hence, free web proxies should not be used for online activities that involve financial and secure personal information.

The speed of browsing is also extremely slow, and there can be malware associated with these servers that will be used to steal all confidential information. Use these free proxies with caution and diligence. Here’s a list of issues to be aware of when using a free web proxy vs VPN service.

Reduced Browsing & Download Speeds

It is a true fact that nothing comes for free. Nobody is willing to offer unlimited speeds and bandwidth to the general public free of cost. There are numerous valid concerns associated with providing free VPN service, and the only way of offering free services is to limit download speed and bandwidth.

Resources Sharing & Shared Downloads

Every resource available to free VPN users are usually restricted and shared between various users. This is applicable to downloads, browsing, video and audio streaming. Using a shared VPN service through free subscriptions can never get you more than 512kbps of download or upload speeds, and this is the best case scenario.

Advertisements & Pop-Up Windows With Messages

The problem with free VPN service providers is that they are supported through advertising revenue. Advertising companies track their campaigns, and this requires them to record the behavior and actions of internet users. Therefore, anonymity takes a hit while using free VPN service providers that are supported by ads, and this ultimately renders the use of such services as pointless.

Lack Of Customer Service

Free VPN service providers do not offer any kind of customer support or services oriented towards improving the overall customer satisfaction. Customer service is only offered by VPN companies that have sustainable income and revenue from their services. If you face any troubles while using a free VPN service provider, you are on your own.

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Free VPN Service Providers As Scammers, Information Phishing & Information Resellers

In a large number of cases, free services are offered to users in the hope of getting valuable and sensitive information. This could be personal information or financial details of the users in question. VPN services can also target a large number of people for information phishing and reselling these details for huge profits is quite common. Government agencies and spies also use Free VPN services to track, monitor and record sensitive information about various people and communities.

Government Intrusions Into Free VPN Services

Being free to the users, almost all of the free VPN service providers must adhere to Government policies, and are often subject to investigations and other Governmental procedures. Government agencies will often intrude into user privacy, which can only be avoided by signing up for premium VPN services, which will protect their users’ interests to ensure that their services are of utmost value to their customers.

Lack Of Streaming Videos Or Audios

Streaming is not possible using a free VPN service provider, and the usual reason for this is the lack of speed and bandwidth. Since the number of users using a free service is significantly more than that of a premium VPN service, the speed and bandwidth ratios will reduce drastically. Downloading large files is also close to impossible in this case.

Marketing For Paid Products

The basic aim of offering free services is to make money, and eventually, free VPN services can up-sell you for a paid VPN service. If you choose to opt for the free service, you will have to use these services along with the advertisements.

You do have the option of choosing a free web proxy server offered by the premium VPN providers such as HideMyAss Pro VPN. Although these web proxies do not offer the versatility and features of a dedicated VPN service, these proxy servers can help you browse the web anonymously. All you will be able to do is hide your IP and remain anonymous while browsing the web, but if that is all you want, you should try out free web proxies by all means.

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So there you have it. If you know of other free web proxies that are worth mentioning here, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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