The Legality of using VPN Services

You may be wondering if using a VPN service is legal or illegal. Although there may be some VPN companies out there that seem suspicious, the fact is that VPN services and VPN technology is absolutely legal. So no need to worry about purchasing a VPN software. VPN technology is broadly used by big international organizations as a way to connect their employees with the intranet.

On this website, VPN Creative, we focus on commercial VPN providers for regular consumers, ie. casual internet usage. VPN providers like HideMyAss! Pro VPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN are all perfectly legal and operates as legitimate businesses under the legislature of the country they are based in. So there you have it!

Legal and illegal usages of VPN

Of course the way people use the VPN services is beyond the control of the VPN provider. If your only intention for buying a VPN service is to commit illegal activities, then this is a violation of the terms and agreements. The VPN host has the right to suspend your account and can face a possible investigation by authorities.

VPN are openly advertised primarily because of the internet-anonymity it can offer. A VPN company doesn’t encourage its customers to use its services for illegal acts. Anonymous internet surfing is for the purposes of a secured online payments, online shopping, protects private information and avoids unauthorized access to private data. A VPN user would appear invisible from ISPs and from websites. The ISPs and websites won’t be able to record or monitor any of your internet activities.

You may have heard about the Facebook scandal recently. Facebook was allegedly stealing secure information from its users for marketing purposes. There are even some software applications that are capable of spying on you or introducing viruses to your computer. These are just some of the many issues that internet users can experience. With a VPN service, all the mentioned online threats can be avoided.

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In fact, there are only a few software applications considered to be illegal. Say for example file sharing programs and torrent downloaders are not illegal in any way. The thing that makes it illegal is how the files such as films and music were collected. If they were pirated then it is considered illegal.

VPN for entertainment purposes

One of the main features of VPN services is being able to access restricted websites such as movie streaming websites. These restrictions are because of the regional or country differences. With the help of VPN software, you will be able to access any video streaming websites. Torrent file downloading is also allowed by some VPN hosts. Torrent downloading and online video streaming is considered not illegal in any way.

If you want a VPN service, start by researching the market. We have a VPN directory of VPN companies where you can compare the options. Read about VPN reviews to help you decide on what VPN host to choose.

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