Facebook Changes Default Status Sharing Function

Facebook is updating its privacy policy on new statuses, where the default setting for something you share will be for friends rather than public. This was not something that was previously known on a wider basis, meaning many people, especially newer users, were inadvertently sharing their posts with everyone. “We want to do all we Read More


Facebook Changes Its Security Settings For Better or Worse

For many years, Facebook users have been plagued with a lack of understanding on how their social media platform really works. It is only a small percentage of users that actually take the time to thoroughly analyze every single aspect of Facebook. After all, someone that is a member for the purpose of posting statuses Read More

UN Claims Privacy is “Basic Human Right”

In another victory for privacy advocates everywhere, today the chief of the UN’s council on human rights Navi Pillay told the press she believes that privacy, both on the internet and the real world, should be viewed by the international community as a “basic human right.” It took the cooperation of dozens of nations from Read More

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