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“Impossible” to Ban Encryption Globally, Harvard Study Shows

This week, a new Harvard study released to the public concluded that banning encryption in the United States could lead to catastrophic economic consequences on home soil. The purpose of the study, entitled “A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products,” was to attempt to catalog the entire library of encryption products that are available in the […]

How to Get Started With Your First VPN

In the world of virtual private networks, things can get a bit confusing. With terminology flying around like “proxy”, “SSH”, and “tunneling”, how do you know what you need to get started with your very first VPN connection? Well, fear not fellow privacy warrior, because here at VPN Creative we’re going to give you everything […]

Snowden Joining Guardian Event Via Satellite This Weekend

Edward Snowden will be making his first UK ‘appearance’ this weekend at The Guardian’s Observer Ideas event via video link to discuss his role as a whistleblower and NSA surveillance. Snowden, who is still cooped away in Moscow, will join the attendees at London’s Barbican Theater with Observer tech columnist and professor of public understanding […]

Privacy.io Allegedly Shuts Down

Privacy.io has seemingly shut down its VPN service with little or no warning. The closure was brought to our attention by Swedish VPN service Anonine, which said in a comment on this site that Privacy.io used its technology previously. “Privacy.io used Anonine technology to provide services to their clients and, unfortunately, Anonine doesn’t have access […]

Facebook Changes Default Status Sharing Function

Facebook is updating its privacy policy on new statuses, where the default setting for something you share will be for friends rather than public. This was not something that was previously known on a wider basis, meaning many people, especially newer users, were inadvertently sharing their posts with everyone. “We want to do all we […]