Snowden Joining Guardian Event Via Satellite This Weekend

Edward Snowden will be making his first UK ‘appearance’ this weekend at The Guardian’s Observer Ideas event via video link to discuss his role as a whistleblower and NSA surveillance. Snowden, who is still cooped away in Moscow, will join the attendees at London’s Barbican Theater with Observer tech columnist and professor of public understanding Read More

Four Senators Team Up on Anti-NSA Letter to Clapper

If you were putting it all on the line in Vegas, 4-431 probably aren’t the odds you’d be looking for to double your money, but right now it’s the only play we’ve got. In a letter addressed to the director of national intelligence James Clapper, this week Senators Mark Begich of Alaska, Jeff Merkley of Read More

Snowden Questions Putin on Live TV on Surveillance

Edward Snowden surprised many today by appearing via video link on a live broadcast on Russia’s state TV channel RT while President was also on air. With the forum in front of him, Snowden straight up asked Putin if Russia has its own NSA-like surveillance system in place. Our intelligence efforts are strictly regulated by Read More

NSA Denies Scope of TURBINE in First Official Response to Snowden Leaks

In a stunning turnaround on public relations policy, the NSA has come forward to categorically deny allegations first brought against them by leaks of the now declassified TURBINE program, a mass malware mailer revealed to the press by none other than Edward Snowden earlier this week. The denial of these accusations is the first time Read More

US Federal Judge Rules NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

And so the uphill battle begins. Earlier today a US federal judge ordered the NSA to stop its surveillance efforts of 300 million American and UK citizens, and demanded they destroy the records collected on all of them in the past several years. US District Court Judge Richard Leon has officially declared the blanket, dragnet-style Read More

The NSA Records Up to Five Billion Cell Phone Locations Per Day

I’m not even sure I can be surprised at this point. Nothing shocks me anymore. I guess this is the desensitization we must come to terms with in a post-Snowden world. Earlier this morning, the Washington Post published a series of classified NSA documents and PowerPoint slides which suggest the agency has been tracking, downloading, Read More

The Race to Quantum Encryption

As the NSA continues its inevitable march towards total information domination, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the number of years we left have before standard encryption methods can’t keep up is getting smaller by the minute. That’s where quantum key distribution comes in, or QKD for short. QKD is a brand new method of employing Read More