Follow the Money, a History of Tor

Now more than ever, people are aware of Tor, the online anonymity platform, even if they’re not all necessarily using it. Hot topics like WikiLeaks, Snowden, and most recently the Silk Road trial, where its owner Ross Ulbricht was found guilty this week of running the online drug market, have all shined a light on Read More

FBI Worked With Lithuania in Silk Road 2.0 Operation

Following last week’s raid of Silk Road 2.0, The Daily Dot reports that the illicit market’s servers were hosted in Lithuania, according to a local news report. The Lrytas site (page in Lithuanian) reports that Lithuania’s law enforcement agencies assisted the FBI in the operation, which saw a Bureau agent undercover on the second incarnation Read More


Skype Ends Phone Calling Services in India

Skype users in India will no longer be able to make Skype calls to phones from next month, Microsoft has revealed. “As of November 10, 2014 Skype will end support for calling within India, meaning calls to mobiles and landlines from Skype within India will no longer be available,” said Microsoft, refusing to give a Read More


UK Man Arrested for Using Proxy Server

A 20-year-old man in the UK has been arrested for using a proxy server to access piracy websites that had been blocked by a court. The arrest took place in Nottingham but was made public by the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). “The operation, supported by the Federation Against Copyright Theft Read More

IPVanish Expands Server Count Beyond 120

IPVanish, one of the leading VPN service providers that offer fast tier-1 VPN servers, has announced that they have expandedtheir overall server count to more than 120. The new server additions have been concentrated in the European region, with the new additions such as new servers in Tirana in Albania; Zurich, Switzerland; and Kharkiv in Read More

“Blasphemous” Content Blocked on Twitter in Pakistan

Twitter has agreed to block “blasphemous” and “unethical” content in Pakistan, complying with a request from officials on the matter. The report from the New York Times states that images of the prophet Muhammad and burning Qurans were causing dispute and were requested to be blocked. Abdul Batin of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority led the Read More

PureVPN Adds 9 Countries, Re-Designs Website

PureVPN, who are celebrating their eighth birthday this week, have added nine new countries to their VPN network – Poland, Norway, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Philippines, Vietnam and Denmark. The company has also revamped its website with “a powerful layout with minimum load time”. With the additions of these new countries, PureVPN now has Read More

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