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Kickstarter Pulls Anonabox Campaign

Anonabox, the Tor router that raised over half a million dollars in two days, has been pulled from Kickstarter after a flurry of complaints and criticisms over the project’s security and legitimacy. Kickstarter has not provided its own official announcement for why the project has been pulled other than an email to Anonabox’s head August […]

Four Senators Team Up on Anti-NSA Letter to Clapper

If you were putting it all on the line in Vegas, 4-431 probably aren’t the odds you’d be looking for to double your money, but right now it’s the only play we’ve got. In a letter addressed to the director of national intelligence James Clapper, this week Senators Mark Begich of Alaska, Jeff Merkley of […]

Reddit Founder Launches Campaign Against the FCC

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has launched a new campaign to protest the forthcoming decision from the FCC regarding net neutrality, which will give ISPs the freedom to create slow and fast lanes for companies. Ohanian is raising funds to post a billboard ad against the ruling in Washington DC next to the FCC’s office. “On […]

Snowden Questions Putin on Live TV on Surveillance

Edward Snowden surprised many today by appearing via video link on a live broadcast on Russia’s state TV channel RT while President was also on air. With the forum in front of him, Snowden straight up asked Putin if Russia has its own NSA-like surveillance system in place. Our intelligence efforts are strictly regulated by […]